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dragonflySometimes I am not a very good one and sometimes I get a tad sad that the cluster of ones I have don’t seem to pay attention to my life. Then I am shot back to reality as I realize I haven’t reached out to them recently either to find out how they are.

I can be self-centered when it comes to hanging out with them in the brief moments we have to gather together to catch up over celebrating the latest birthday.

Our common bond to begin with was church or the shared school of our children or the Precept Bible study we participated in together. Not all of us together in all these things, but together in snippets. We embraced the opportunity to pray together in our local Moms in Prayer group that seems like a long ago memory.

It wasn’t until one of us turned 40 and we headed to Seaside Beach for a few days together, leaving husbands behind in Columbus, GA tending all our kids in varying ages that we really bonded beyond shared prayers and Bible passages. I made the birthday cake for the 40-year-old. Lemon Cheese layer cake.

We gathered at the beach having shared rides and we unpacked our suitcases and then we slowly began to unpack our stories over beach sunsets and sunrises and we lived the few days of glorious rest from home’s harried pace watching the sun move across left to right, East to West.

We cried. We prayed. We laughed. We embraced. We walked. We didn’t wear make up. We tolerated dirty hair. We rested.

We had fun.

We noticed the dragonflies flitting onto the porch and invading our walks as our iconic symbol of our time together. Now, when we come across dragonflies, we smile, we collect, we buy enough for the others.

Our party favor was a hand blown glass dragonfly that we all put in our special places at home to remind us of our time together and the bond we share even when we don’t see one another for weeks.

Our lives are filling up with one remaining in high school, more college children, increasing engaged and married children, and now grandchildren. Our common reasons to hang out are diminishing, but our common Bond remains.

Christ is the center of us. He’s our glue. He’s our friend as we live out friendship imperfectly, but lovely all at the same time.

I love them. They love me.

Friends. God bless them as they flit here and there, resting lightly for a spell.

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  1. What a wonderful friendship! I hope I can say the same in years to come!

    • Shelly,
      That is my hope for you also! Thanks for stopping by.

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