Friendship and Inductive Bible Study

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My friend Hunter Beless has launched a podcast!

Meet my friend Hunter Beless. Here’s our story.

I had the pleasure of gaining this new young friend within the last couple years as she and her husband were stationed in nearby Ft. Benning, GA. We met at church during a systematic theology class and went to lunch that first day with a mutual friend and my oldest daughter-in-love.

You know how some moments are memorable? This was one of those as this young woman quizzed us while munching at Zoe’s Kitchen on what it’s like to be a mom in different seasons (my DIL had recently had their first baby), what foods we like (I found out she was a personal fitness instructor so I said lots of healthy things because I like almost all food healthy and processed), and we chatted about living in the same town forever vs. being a newbie. Two of us are natives and the other two were transplants by God’s grace.

This vivacious young woman became a sweet friend in the ensuing months as we met for discipling and let me tell you, I think she discipled me more than I did her.  She certainly encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and start an Etsy shop for my knitted and crocheted goodies, she asked me to help her hang pictures on the walls in the baby’s room once they found out they were expecting, and she stretched me to get out of my introverted mode on numerous occasions to disciple and teach younger women.

She’s the kind of person who makes you feel like you do have purpose in the empty nest season outside your own family and that being a stay-at-home wife is okay and valuable because of the freedom to minister in new and different ways.

We did a couple more studies together as co-leaders and a couple with her as admin (she’s gifted in that area as well). I love her and I miss her. I love God more for making us sisters in Christ. A year ago, she and her husband moved to Ft. Campbell and I have missed her, but she’s been busy as wife, mom, and now podcaster.

As of yesterday evening, her Journeywomen podcast launched and I hope you’ll jump over to iTunes to enjoy her introductory podcast and four more she released as well.

Hunter has set out on a desire of her heart to host Journeywomen and you are going to love it. Her voice and her interview skills are spot on as she has lined up women from her own journey as a Christian woman. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Hunter. Why she picked me I will never understand, but she did and so we chatted one Tuesday evening and laughed about the comfortable way friends can pick up on a conversation shared numerous times.

Our conversation? Inductive Bible study and the gracious good truths God has laid out before us on the journey as believing women who love the Trinity and the Word He breathed.

I shared with her my story of how learning to study the Bible changed my life during our recent conversation.  Here are the show notes from that interview.

You can find Hunter’s Journeywomen podcast on her webpageInstagram, and Facebook, too.

Be blessed on your journey by others in different seasons and see how God has worked in their lives. Share the journey with others as God’s gracious goodness is the true subject of each podcast.






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