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PreviewGive and you receive. There are lots of people in need these days. I’m a bit scared to write this post because just as sure as I do, someone will come across my path with a need and I will be asked to give. Will I be able?  I don’t know. Sometimes, my heart is not genuine in the giving as I might give with hesitation or with strings attached.

Recently, though, I had a victory in giving and because the story is too much of a God thing, I have to share it with the intent of making much of Him. I was just a vessel. Keep that in mind.

I learned to play the flute in the fifth grade. I played that same flute through high school and then left it at home when I went away to college. Eventually the flute lost its oomph and would need much work to make it work again so I ditched it and replaced it with a shiny new one for which I saved up to buy. I played it for several years in the church orchestra and put it aside, too, where it has been for years.

I got reacquainted with the flute a few weeks ago when I awoke to odd thoughts in the middle of the night (this has been happening a lot…these odd thoughts) as we were preparing to begin planning for the move.

{What will you do with that flute you bought? Huh? I don’t know. I just want to sleep, thanks.

Maybe I should sell it. Nah, I probably won’t get what it’s worth.

I’ll pray about it. Zzzzz.}

I awoke the next morning after having those thoughts in the night and jotted it in my prayer journal: “What to do with my flute, Lord?”

Two days later, I met a friend for a cup of coffee. As we settled in for our time together, two familiar faces came to our table. I knew one and was reintroduced to the other who happened to be a professional flutist turned realtor.

Ding! Cue the light bulb!

{So, Lord, am I supposed to mention this flute to her? Yes? Okay.}

So I obeyed and asked her if she knew of anyone needing a good-as-new flute. Her eyes got huge as she recalled a young student renting a piece of junk for a flute and thought they might be interested in this one. How much? Free? Really?!? I assured her that I was convinced God had laid the flute on my sleeping mind to prepare me to mention it and to have the desire to just give it to someone in need.

The flutist realtor left and my friend and I said our goodbyes. I drove home, took a picture of the flute and sent it to the flutist. She in turn came over and picked it up that day and took it to its new owner, a young girl just beginning her adventure into music and learning to play the flute.

Maybe this girl will be a famous flutist one day. Maybe not.

That’s beside the point. The point is I believe God was preparing me to give, without hesitation and without strings, and I had to obey.

What about you? What are you hanging onto that God is asking you to share with someone who may need it? I encourage you to give it and enjoy doing so.

I learned a good lesson that day. Giving produces a sweet melody in the soul that refreshes the spirit.31daysmoving

How’s my soul? Grateful to have found a home for the flute. Period. Grateful.

{Way to go, soul. You and my spirit are in sync on this one.}

Father, you are Great. Like I learned as a little girl. “God is great. God is good. Let us thank Him for our food. By His hands we are fed. Give us, Lord, our daily bread.”

And sometimes, the gift of a flute 

ensures a family has money to pay for their daily bread

and a roof over their head

when they lay down in bed.


  1. May be one of my favorite posts you have written! So precious to give as unto the Lord! HE is able to multiply far beyond and the blessings are truly eternal! From a girl who has gifts in her top 2 love languages – well written sweet friend!

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