Have You an Ear? Then Hear What the Spirit Says!

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“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” – Revelation 2:7, 11, 29. (ESV)

So, if you needed even more reason to attend to what the Spirit teaches you in the Word, I think the three references today might help.

God spoke those words to the apostle John while John was old and imprisoned on the Isle of Patmos. He was the last surviving disciple of Jesus. In this chapter alone, God repeatedly conveyed His urgency for the seven churches to hear what He was saying in these seven letters to these churches. These seven letters are rich with application for the Church today. I believe that His words are just as important for us today as they were then. He spoke these words through His Spirit. Don’t you love that?

As individuals we are to invite the Holy Spirit into our reading and studying of the Word. As a collective body of believers, we are to listen to what the Spirit has to say as well to us as the Church. After all, the Church is made up of a bunch of believers. Perhaps if we were more in touch with the Word through the teaching of the Spirit individually and corporately there would not be this rampant dismantling of the body through division, strife, and arguments. But then again, is it all part of what the Word tells us will happen in the last days within the Church to which we are witnesses?

When I read the words on the page in the Book sometimes I can barely breathe. It is so astounding to see things coming to pass that He spoke and had people write down as they were guided by God’s Spirit to write. It is amazing.

So, he (or she) who has ears. Hear what God says through His Spirit. Open the Book. Pray for guidance and understanding. Let the Spirit lead you into the Truth within.

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