Hey, It’s Beans!

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Hello all,

This is my second entry onto the blog. While Amy slipped away from the computer for a minute I wanted to send you a picture of myself with Frankie. The picture is from four years ago, but I think you’ll like it. I was just a baby then but now I’m on solid food…I heard Amy saying something about solid food being in Hebrews and I got excited enough for my tail to wag.

Frankie (then 11) and I were resting in the sun. Aren’t you all learning something about entering God’s rest? Is that like resting in the sun or maybe it’s more like resting in His Son? I don’t know. Amy tries to explain it to me and I just politely keep my eyes open. Did you know she practices her lesson to you on me first?

A typical preparation day for her goes like this:
She brews some coffee (Seattle’s Best House Blend) and brings a mug to the desk where the computer is.
She puts a blank Word page on the screen and boots up her Bible software.
All the while, I lay down by her feet in hotdog fashion.
She opens her notes from her homework and begins typing away.
I doze until she wants to read something out loud to clarify what she’s writing.
When she’s done, she stretches, stands up and prints off her copy.

Well, I better go. I think I hear her coming back down the hall. I don’t really want her to know I’m typing on the blog. She might make me do other stuff. I have to look like I’m asleep.


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