I Can See Clearly Now, the Strain is Gone…

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“If you turn at my reproof, behold, I will pour out my spirit to you; I will make my words known to you.” – Proverbs 1:23 (ESV)

I was trying to read something the other day and even with my contacts, I struggled to read the smaller print. The print’s not smaller, my vision is just not what it used to be. So, I mustered up some courage and went to Stein Mart and stocked up on four pairs of reading glasses. The assortment is sure to coordinate with most of my outfits because this girl is going public with her reading glasses. Yes, I am! Get ready Bible study chicks and babes, my black and white outfits are getting a bit of pizazz added to them. Even better, they help me to see the fine print in my Bible, a magazine, the recipe card I wrote as a new bride, and the phone book (PTL!).

I got to thinking about school starting up for most students this week and the fact that their teachers have been getting their rooms and lessons ready for at least the past week and further back probably. I’m making plans for fall Bible study and getting those plans ready.

Between my reading glasses shopping extravaganza and my thoughts toward teachers I was reminded of the Holy Spirit.

He gets short-changed quite often when it comes to conversations and such. So, over the next few days, we’ll spend some time looking at one aspect of the Holy Spirit that God promised in Proverbs 1:23. We’ll focus in on him as a teacher.

My plan is to get our eyes in focus on what the Word says about this characteristic of his, and especially as some of you are pondering which Bible study to get into for the fall semester.

Come back tomorrow! I think you’ll begin to see what I mean.

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