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PreviewIn yesterday’s post I talked about being a homemaker. Part of my love for homemaking is rooted in a love for houses. My dad is a retired builder so I grew up hearing the language of a builder in a house that my builder dad designed and oversaw building for my mom. They still live in that house.

More of the building language came along when he added onto their house while I was still in high school. Although he did a great job, the renovation was so memorable, I determined I would rather not ever live in a house that’s being renovated. Achoo!

Another thing about my love for houses is that I enjoy studying plans for a house and picturing the design of the things inside the floor plan and picturing the things not seen in a floor plan. Things like colors, furniture, accessories, and lighting.

Take me to a show home and I’m happy. Leave me to peruse the magazines at the bookstore you’ll find me in the ones that highlight before and after photos. There’s something about the what was and what is that ministers to me.

After all, I’m a what was and a what is.

I have a before and after story, too. Do you?

There’s some romance to that story of how the Master Builder has plans for us that He sees come to pass. It’s beautiful as He thinks of all the parts of our personal stories from our DNA to our location to live out life. He knew what I was going to be like in my “before” I knew Him and in my “after” when I entered into a real relationship with Him. It’s an extreme home makeover of the spiritual kind and it makes me more happy than a set of house plans and an idea board filled with colors, and swatches, and pictures, oh my!

God’s imagination is limitless and His ideas for you and me are inconceivable. His ideas of us are perfect. He has lots of them!

Moving into a home involves the culling of lots of ideas and we have to be smart sorters to determine what’s best from a practical and affordable standpoint. We have to be careful here, though, because sometimes our idea collecting c31daysmovingomes as a result of visiting in homes of our friends (or those pretend visits into the perfect magazine photos) and we walk away so irritated that we can’t have the perfect house that she has! Ugh!

So, let’s be careful to wear our green-neutralizing shades when we enter the home of those “better thans” and see houses as those places perfectly suited for those who dwell there, not us. Let’s put on a heart that is appreciative for what God has given us rather than focusing on what we wish we had that they have.

Lord, in those trying moments when our flesh cries out in a jealous tirade over what someone else has, be our immediate God Who can lovingly remind us of all the things we have as belonging to You first. We are stewards of those things and help us to remember that things are not of eternal value anyway. Help us to remember to lay up treasure in heaven where neither moth nor rust destroys.

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