Introduction to February’s Series

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Love LettersI had an impromptu idea the other day while gazing out at the rare snow from my South Georgia window on our hill. February was only a few days away and I asked God in prayer what I should write about. I haven’t written hardly a thing since October’s series.

It is love stories He is nudging me toward…just stories of how His love is apparent to me.

But, as I sat down to work on the graphic for it, it just wasn’t clicking until this morning when I sat down to try it again.

Like an explosion of Valentines popping forth from the page of my journal, I decided to pursue this concept, but from the angle of letter writing.

So, I kick off February 2014’s series today with this introduction explaining the inspiration behind this letter writing campaign I plan to let you read. Consider it a chapter in my journal I invite you in to read.

The remaining days of this month won’t give me the proper time to write it all, I’m thinking. But, at least it gets me back in the groove of writing and shows you glimpses of God’s loving goodness in my life in ways that just might resonate with you and remind you of how He feels about you, too.

So, come along the rest of February and peek inside some of my Love Letters to God.





  1. Very exciting. I look forward to reading what you have to share..Ann

    • Thank you, Ann. I’m looking forward to seeing how God nudges me to journal during this adventure.

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