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I knew I must update after receiving an email from Maude, who I met during chemo, and she wanted to make sure I was okay.  So, after making contact with this dear treasure of a sister in Christ, she and I decided I needed to update you on the latest goings on in this family.

My mother had her second knee replaced a couple of weeks ago so I’ve been helping her and my dad as they have needs until she’s back on her feet.  Yesterday was her first “outing” since her surgery.  She went to get her hair “done”.  That’s what Southern women of her generation do each week.  She’s missed her appointment.  Upon dropping her off at the beauty “shop”, Daddy and I went to WalMart, the bank, and back to my house so he could visit with our dachshund, “Beans”, and so I could whip up a little something for their dinner.  Then, we returned to pick her up and what a transformation!  Isn’t it true how nothing makes us feel better on most days than a good head scrubbing and a good hair day?!  What it does for a woman’s morale!  She looked great and my dad told her so.

Well, that’s not all the news.

After Mother’s surgery and return home, one of my assignments was to contact a doctor who had performed a biopsy on my mother the week before her surgery.  Yes, her biopsy results have come back and my mother has breast cancer.

I know.  I can’t believe it.  No, it’s not the same kind as mine was.  It’s not the same size.  Her prognosis is excellent.  She won’t need chemo either.  There are many blessings in it already.

The irony in this is that the day I heard from the surgeon (who is the same doctor I used for my biopsy and surgery) was 365 days from when I found the mass in my own body.  Her results came back February 1, 2011.  I found my mass February 2, 2010.

Some things just don’t make sense, do they?  It would be so easy to be defeated with the year we’ve had.    My cancer, Rob’s job loss, and Mother’s cancer…one of those alone would be enough to do me in.  But, in the midst of all that was God’s provision through the first two trials and I know that God will provide yet again as my mother faces her trial.

How do people manage tough times when they have no one to rely upon?  I just would not know.  I don’t want to know that answer in a personal way because I have my answer.  It’s God, the One, and not just anyone.  I could not have walked through this year without the confidence of knowing Him and His presence day in and day out. I could not have been so happy most of the time were it not for knowing what He says in His Word about facing trials. (James 1)

What about you?  Where do you turn when life gets hard?


  1. Amy, God has been preparing you for this for 365 days! God is AMAZING! I know that you will be an amazing daughter to your mom as you have always been and you will be able to provide solace that no one else can provide! I am praying for you all! Love to you and give her my love too! I saw Ms. Jones and she is doing great!

  2. Praying for your Mama and for you as you help her through this trial. Love to you both!

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