It’s Time to Get Serious About Being Biblically Fit

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Today I continue with the topic of Biblical fitness.  Last week, I applied the “FIT” (only the first two letters) acronym used in physical exercise programs to developing Biblical fitness, specifically fitness regarding Bible study.

F – Frequency (if you missed reading it, click here),
I – Intensity (click here to read about this).

The introduction to this topic is here, if you want to go back to the beginning.

The “T” in “FIT” stands for “Time”.  In the realm of exercise, time refers to how many minutes an activity was performed during a session.  Obviously, the more time you spend doing an exercise, the better the results will be whether the goal is better health, weight loss, or mental clarity.

It is no different in training your Bible study muscles.  It takes time to do it and the more time you spend the better the results.

So, if the “F” is referring to how often you study, the “I” referring to how hard you’re working at studying, then the “T” is for how long you spend each time you study.

Now, I am not going to prescribe to you a specific amount of time fully engaged in intense Bible study everyday to make you the super-fit student of the Word.

That would impose a legalism and works that I don’t want to associate with this.

But, for the sake of getting this point home to me and you, I cannot in good conscience tell you that you don’t need to spend time in the Word on a daily basis.  I just can’t say that.  A Bible study is helpful to keep you on task, following a book or a topic in daily sets to complete.  Most are usually five days of lessons that you work into your seven-day week.

The bottom line is this.

If you want to exercise your Bible study muscles, you’re going to have to take time to make time daily for it (or five days out of seven or however you can work it out).  Start out small and progress into longer time.  Make sure to fulfill your responsibilities to your family, but make time each day to spend in the Word.  You decide on how much time you can feasibly begin with.  (I will post later on devotional reading of the Word.  In this post, I am referring to studying the Bible and what that entails in a corporate study).

If you are engaged in a Bible study, for your sake and the leader’s sake, don’t procrastinate on your lesson.  Make time to sit down and work on it in 10-minute increments three times a day, or however much time you can spare to get to the lesson.  Is that asking too much?  A few minutes in completing a Bible study lesson when much of what you read in the study material won’t even be Scripture, depending on the author?  I think it’s not asking too much.

The point is that we will make time for the things that truly are important to us…they may not always be good for us, but we’ll make time.  For example, just before I wrote this, I spent 30 minutes on the computer wasting time and I couldn’t believe 30 minutes had flown by.

This thing, this Bible study muscle developing thing, if it’s truly important to you, you will spend some time doing it…even at the sacrifice of something else you’d rather do (like watching the new tv season debuts).  The fact that we’d rather do something else is not uncommon to any of us.  But, we cannot let it become the excuse that doesn’t hold water when we stand before Jesus and He asks us why we didn’t take time to get to know Him and His Father in the Word.

Getting active in a Bible study is one way to get to know Him in His Word.

Let us be like Ezra and set our hearts to study the Word.      

“For Ezra had set his heart to study the law of the LORD and to practice it, and to teach His statutes and ordinances in Israel. ”
(New American Standard Bible : 1995 update. 1995 (Ezr 7:10). LaHabra, CA: The Lockman Foundation.)

Today’s tone may have been more firm compared to other posts I have written.  If you feel a spark of something, that may be the Spirit convicting you.  Take his lead and take that first step to spend some time today, right now, in the Word.  Make that call to sign up for that Bible study you keep putting off joining.

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