Laughter = Good Medicine

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“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” – Proverbs 17:23 ESV

As I often do, I am typing today’s post on Wednesday afternoon.  I will set it up to post Thursday morning.  That’s beside the point.  But, as I type, I hear laughter.  My heart is made joyful.  Now I ponder other incidences of my heart being joyful today.

Robert and Sigourney are right outside my window in the den.  They are swimming in the pool.  I am not eavesdropping.  I don’t hear their words, I just hear their laughter.  

Their laughter is building up my bones.  I smile.

This morning (yesterday to you), David called me back to the study where his Wii is set up.  He wanted to make sure I had my say on the avatars he was creating for the game.  We worked on his, Rob’s, and Robert’s.  Then, it was time for mine.  We sorted through all the various hairstyles and I finally found the right one!  It was the one with no hair.  We laughed at the completed avatar with pretty eyes, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, and no hair.  It was right.  

Our laughter was building up my bones.  I smiled. 

A few minutes ago, Beans laid prostrate on the floor with Lamb Chop, her newest toy.  In one quick bite to make the squeaker squeak, she punctured a hole in the toy so that stuffing came out.  Lamb Chop is now in the trash, but Robert, David, and I laughed at her antics and ferocious bent to attack the toy showing off in front of us.  We had to laugh.

Our laughter built up my bones.  I smiled.

I have one more event that occurred and involved no laughter but made my heart joyful anyway.  I finally reorganized my container/baggie shelf. Yes, a chore with great organizational dividends afterward was good for my bones.

What have you laughed about this week?  Or, what makes your heart full of joy?  Please share!  I like to laugh!  : )


  1. This week someone sent me an e-mail containing pics of pets (dogs/cats)with funny captions!!

  2. Hey Amy,

    I have just returned home from a trip where I got to see my sweet sister and some of her friends who we both grew up with in Manchester as children. Those three just laughed and laughed and as they say laughter is contagious so Yes, I was laughing with them and my heart was filled with joy. I love to laugh. I think it makes all things better. That is one thing I love about you. You have a wonderful sense of humor and always keep us laughing in class. Don’t ever stop being you. Miss you. Hope all is well.


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