Leadership: Being Called to the Difficult

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Last week, the Wednesday night Bible study “chicks” began a new study written by Kay Arthur, David and BJ Lawson titled, Rising to the Call of Leadership. In this study, we will be looking at the lives of four men from the Old Testament: Eli, Samuel, Saul, and David.

The introduction to the study says this, “Leadership is tough. But God calls us to be leaders – in our homes, in our communities, in our churches, and ultimately in our world. So what does God expect of those he places in positions of authority? What characteristics set apart the truly effective leader in contrast to the person who just happens to be out front? And how can you be the leader God has called you to be?”

Last week we looked at the life of Eli, the High Priest in Shiloh. He had some sons. Two of them were Hophni and Phinehas who served as priests at the temple there. Eli knew his boys were not obeying God’s clear directions for priests, sacrifices, and things surrounding the worship of God. Yet, Eli did not address the boys until half of Israel had come to him complaining about what they were doing. The people knew there was some evil going on yet the one who worked with the boys day in and day out (their dad) chose to not correct them immediately.

How did God see Eli’s behavior? God saw this as Eli wanting to please His boys more than God. God judged Eli and his sons and all in his lineage and eventually removed Eli’s family from being priests of His because of what Eli did.

The gist of last week’s lesson was this: courage and strength to do what’s right in God’s eyes are required of leaders.

In leadership, difficult things are asked of you. You have to make tough decisions that will not make everyone happy sometimes, not even yourself. You may get frustrated in dealing with people. Sometimes you see things about others that you wish you just didn’t know. You see the reality of their sinful nature. They see yours.

What would have happened if Eli had rebuked his sons as soon as he knew about their sin as they were serving before God? He may have made his boys mad, but their lives (all three) could have been spared, perhaps.

God requires many things of people He puts in charge. The common denominator of what He’s looking for in a godly leader is this:

a heart devoted to Him, every part of the heart devoted to Him; not a divided heart.

So, if you are a leader (and most of us have opportunities to be such every day to somebody), devote your heart fully to God day in and day out. Do the difficult things that seem to make no sense but that He has called you to do (remember David had to kill yet God saw His heart as being after His). In the end, God is the One you are to please.

Some of you reading this, perhaps, are doing the right things but are doing them for those in authority over you who seem to have no grain of integrity residing in their inner man. You just want to walk away angry with those over you and angry with God. You wonder if God even sees what’s going on.

One of God’s names is El Roi, meaning, “The God Who Sees.” Yes, He sees. He is aware. He will judge those over you who are not exhibiting godliness and integrity. It may not be in your lifetime or theirs, but He will judge. They are accountable.

Habakkuk wrote one of the books in the Bible. It bears his name. It opens this way, “The oracle of Habakkuk.” Do you know that “oracle” means “burden”?

Habakkuk had a burden and this is what it was. He says to God, “How long, O LORD, must I call for help, but You do not listen? Or cry out to you, ‘Violence!’ but You do not save? Why do You make me look at injustice? Why do You tolerate wrong? Destruction and violence are before me; there is strife, and conflict abounds. Therefore, the law is paralyzed, and justice never prevails. The wicked hem in the righteous, so that justice is perverted.” (Hab. 1:1-4).

Do you ever wonder those things? Habakkuk was a leader for God; he was a prophet of God. Yet, he saw things he could not see God’s hand possibly in and he was burdened and overwhelmed with grief. And he had questions to ask God.

Did God zap him and burn him up for questioning Him? No. He answered him and said, “Behold, look and see and be utterly amazed. For I am doing something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.

Here’s the bottom line:

  • God is at work
  • God sees what is going on
  • Do this difficult thing He has called you to do
  • You don’t have to understand, you may not even be able to and that’s okay
  • In the end, better days are coming and all to fulfill God’s ultimate plan
  • Look to God and be amazed!

I hope this helps you today.

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