Let Them Eat Cake – Month One

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1619401_10204975169288741_8109520679721387769_nA month ago, our youngest married the love of his life and it was a great day. Seriously, everything went so smoothly. The bride was beautiful, the groom confident, the church sun-filled, the reception festive, and the cake divine. Oh. So. Divine.

Not being cake hoarders, the young couple graced us with the topper to serve a couple of weeks ago after Sunday lunch. It was still yummy and we still have 11 slices left. I cut them, froze them individually, and wrapped each frozen slice as a reminder on the 11th of every month for them how time marches forward.

So, on the 11th of every month till their first anniversary, I plan to chat with them via this blog. A post for every slice of cake that remains from their cake top.

Dear David and Valerie,
It’s been a month already! Do you feel that this month out has flown compared to the month before October 11? I sure do.

You survived the big day and enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon away from all of us back home. You took that “long road home” as we learned about at the bridal luncheon. Even Hurricane Gonzalo didn’t dampen your time in the sun.

I wonder what you’ve realized about each other and marriage that you hadn’t thought about much beforehand. Much like that yummy wedding cake that day, you’re seeing that one month out from marrying the love of your life is sweet and good. No big issues have come your way short of dealing with grumpy people when you want to tend to making all your documents legal with name changes and such. Maybe you’ve had to learn to share better and clean up more. Maybe you’ve enjoyed cooking together or each of you cooking something yummy for the other.

But, much like this piece of cake one month out, things are good and right.

So, I bless you both this chilly fall evening in South Georgia with sweet days and nights together as you continue to adjust to being together most of the time for the rest of your lives. May all your days be sweet and yummy.

I love you,
Mom (Amy)

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