M is for Memories

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PreviewWhen it comes to moving, the one thing that takes no space in a box but only occupies the space in the mind is perhaps the most precious of all things to pack up and move…the sweet memories of a place.

My grandmother lived alone for many years after my grandfather died. She picked up from the home place (not far from where we moved last Friday) and moved closer into town with the help of her children and grandchildren.

I have memories of that move from a child’s perspective. While I was happy for her move to a newer address, I was sad about her leaving the slapping screen doors of her two porches, the pastures where we had called cattle to the fence, the large greenhouse for wintering plants, and her pomegranate bush. But, Mama Smith moved and the memories of her heart in that home where she told my grandfather goodbye from this life all moved with her.

Her children and grandchildren were all happily involved in her move. My job was to polish her furniture. To this day, when I smell the lemony fragrance of the polish, I have memories of that day of her move.

Once she settled in to her new house, she made new memories with her family. For my grandmother, family was always a vital part of home life to her, and having family there in her house meant so much to her.

One of my favorite quilts she made is now mine and I love it because it reminds me of many nights spent in her house feeling the weight of the quilt as I drifted off into blissful sleep. The next morning I’d awaken to her singing, “How Great Thou Art,” in the kitchen while she prepared breakfast. I’d linger a smidgen more under the quilt, stretching and yawning as I’d adjust to the reality that I couldn’t stay all day under the fabric bliss her hands made.

This house we now live in has two screen doors hanging and two more to repair before hanging. Just hearing the slap of two of them makes me happy as I remember my grandmother’s houses and in so doing, remember her.

I grew up in the same house all my life. My parents still live there. When I think of those walls that Daddy planned and built, I have memories of being rocked to sleep in his arms.

I remember scrambling for space in front of the vents blowing hot air in winter as my sister and I dressed for school in the room we shared.

I think of the things my mother taught me there…cooking, cleaning, sewing, and how much of what I do as a homemaker is because of those good things she insisted I learn.

I think of the years of dates with my husband (boyfriend then) that ended with the front porch lights flashing on and off when my parents thought we had sat far too long alone in Rob’s car.

I think of summer tea with fresh mint clipped from a pot by the back door situated perfectly near the top of the glass. The aroma of mint soothes my soul at the slightest whiff even now.

And so it goes as I remember the various places Rob and I have lived in our marriage.

Each memory is precious to me, and all because of the people who are vital to the memory.

31daysmovingMemories are precious belongings that are invaluable to us as we move from one place or season in life and into another place or season. We celebrate with thankful hearts the gifts of God in those memories and we anticipate His goodness in the things to come.

So, my soul is moved to joy today in the sweetness of reflections of all the places I’ve lived.

My spirit responds with thanksgiving to God who is the Maker of the lives that have ministered to me in my years as a child at home and at my grandmother’s. Those inspired my desire to be a homemaker first and foremost in order to instill sweet memories in the minds and hearts of my own family. I am thankful for the Maker of my particular family of husband and two sons who made me delight in being home and welcoming them there each day. I am thankful.


  1. What a sweet post today. I really enjoyed reading it. Brought back memories of my own childhood. <3

    • I bet you have wonderful memories of Germany! I’d love to hear them sometime soon!

      • You got it…:)! Just let me know when…

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