Music and Make-Up

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The flowers were an anniversary gift from Rob’s parents.

My sister sent me yet another cute cap.  It’s coral, summery, and a creation of hers from several different patterns.  She’s just too smart with this.

I wore it Friday. 

Before I donned it for my outing, I had to spend some time in front of the sink and mirror applying my glamor (that’s what my boys called my makeup when they were little).

Most days when I am in process with my glamor, I listen to my music on a tiny speaker set with my iPod attached.  I keep it on the bathroom counter.

I have decided that it’s as vital to my glamor application as my mirror.  No joke.

Most days I end up being so charged up for the day because of the music that it sends me out the door hope-filled and more in love with God.

Such was the case Friday.  I was listening to “He’s God” sung by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and had such time of worship that there was no way to apply concealer.  It would have washed off.  It was a glorious time of worship.  I had to listen to it three times.  It was THAT good!  The lyrics just speak to the core of my very soul.  When I consider what He has done for me not just in the last months but from the foundation of the world what He’s done for me in Jesus…oh my goodness, and just because He IS GOD!  God, I worship You again typing this out.  You astound me!  I love You with all my heart Lord God!  Thank You, thank You, thank You!

So, if you don’t incorporate worship music as part of your makeup routine, I highly recommend it.  I’m going to go press “play” again.  SDG (Soli Deo Gloria = to God alone be the glory)!

What’s your favorite worship song these days?


  1. Amy, thank you for you! And for the link to the choir….I was frozen with awe and the music, words and love of GOD.

  2. I love to have my music going all the time, but it especially helps me get through my days at work.

    I love all kinds. The Praise band at our church has a new one coming out soon, and I told D I wanted the first copy I buy to go to you.

    Miss ya like crazy,

  3. Favorite worship song of all time:”Shine,Jesus, Shine by Graham Kendrick

  4. Made to worship by Chris Tomlin

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