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I have friends who have turned into budding artists.  They have websites with their artwork displayed.  They seem to have turned into artists overnight and they have shows where people come and buy their artwork!  They have Facebook fan pages, too!  I am amazed!

From time to time Rob and I will venture into an art gallery.  We put on our art connoisseur faces.  We are serious.  We are quiet.  We make intelligent-sounding comments.  Then, when we find one we like, we look at the price tag and drop our jaws in amazement at the cost of an 8″ x 11″ framed piece of art.  We quickly pick our mouths up off the floor and casually stroll in a hurried way so as to not look hurried perusing the remaining art pieces and get ourselves out of the art gallery.  Whew!  We cannot handle culture of such a degree.  It’s intimidating.  I think the gallery owners note when we walk in the door that we are not of their world.  I don’t think they press a button to alert anyone in the back to be on the lookout for our perusal techniques giving off a purchasing vibe…but then again…

In those moments of price sticker shock and awe, I say things like, “I am going to take an art class and learn to paint two things, sheep and cows!”  My art needs are simple.  Now you know to what I am most “drawn” in the art realm…pasture-al settings (see the pun).  FYI, I just looked up “pastoral settings” and realized my pun is not really a pun after all but a description of pastoral settings.  See?  I need help in the area of art.  How could I not have known this simple definition?

I’m an artist’s nightmare, perhaps.  Think of the change that could occur should some artist take me under her wing as her “special project”.  Why, it would almost be as a rewrite of “Pygmalion”, or the play, “My Fair Lady”.

Instead of Eliza Doolittle, I am Artista Knowlittle.  Instead of improved speech and fancy clothes, I gain knowledge of art history, the importance of proper lighting in painting and mixing the most beautiful colors on my special palette, along with some super-uber appreciation of art museums.  I gain an understanding of drawing to scale and the ability for human faces to really look like the humans they represent.  Yes, I would have the artist’s cap from old Paris that matches the smock of a true arteest!  Oui, oui!

I had a great aunt who was an artist of this nature and caliber.  I had her smock for awhile, too, until I realized I truly had no interest in learning the techniques from the masters and realized I had outgrown her smock.  Now, I just wish I had one of her paintings that my parents had briefly after she died.  It was of the chapel at Callaway Gardens.  Even though I insisted my parents hang onto a set of china that belonged to her for my own home one day, I didn’t appreciate, even then, art in painted form like I wish I had.

To all you art enthusiasts and artists on the move or in the making, bless you!  Your pieces delight us even when we can only “own” them while perusing them at a show as they await someone else’s purchase.  May your hobby or calling be a blessing to others and bring much glory to God as you paint things in His creation that delight our sight.  May your proceeds be beneficial to furthering His kingdom!

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  1. I’m starting drawing a week from Monday at Britt David, Join me!

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