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By now, you’ve noticed a big difference in the direction your lesson is taking. You are over the most difficult part of the book of Hebrews. The overview of any book is challenging but so very vital. Otherwise, as we learned that first week, we could take portions of Hebrews out of context and result in incorrect interpretation. That’s never a good thing. So now, we are focusing on one chapter at a time and we will get through four chapters by the end of October. Then you have to decide if you’re going to pursue the rest of Hebrews. I pray you will.

Since the load is not as difficult, let me throw out some good options for you to watch over the next few weeks in your “spare time”.

Today and running through September 19, you can go to Precept Ministries’ website (click on their link from this page, it’s on the left) and follow their links in order to watch or listen (for free) to Kay’s teaching entitled, America at the Crossroads. They also have a downloadable study guide along with other supplements to this timely message. If you prefer, you can order a cd or dvd set (for a fee) from the ministry. Nice to know there are some options.

Tomorrow, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will be airing a special on Ruth Bell Graham. It starts at 9:00 on ABC. I read a biography on Mrs. Graham a couple of years ago and was so inspired by her life as a daughter of missionaries as well as her life as a missionary herself in addition to being Billy Graham’s wife. Don’t forget her legacy in her children. She has also written books and since I enjoy poetry I have one of her collections of poems. I plan to tune in and watch. Beans will be watching with me and I think I’ll even pop some of Orville’s Tender White popcorn to go along with it.

Last, beginning on September 26, the church in Albany that produced the movies Flywheel and Facing the Giants, is releasing their newest project, Fireproof, starring Kirk Cameron. Please, please make plans to go see this wholesome, wonderful movie that first weekend. Theaters will determine if they’ll continue showing a film such as this based on its reception that first weekend. So, take time out to go see it. Most movies produced in this way cannot afford the Hollywood budget it takes to advertise, so you probably won’t see advertising for it on tv or even in the theaters. You can view the trailer for it by clicking on this link We want movies like this to be successful so they can make more. I truly believe God is going to do some amazing things to many struggling marriages through the message of this movie. You single ladies, grab your girlfriends and make it a girl’s night out event. You married ladies, grab your man and plan a date and take him to see it. We all need to take some tissue, I have a feeling.

Well, there you have it.

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