Out of the Mouths of Babes While Waiting at Deorio’s, Part 2

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Everybody I have ever met had a name.

No joke.  Think about it.

In Isaiah, I’m learning the importance of names.  God used them as signs to Judah.  Isaiah means, “God saves.”  God told Isaiah to name one of his sons a name that means, “a remnant shall return.”  The other was to be named, “swift is the booty and speedy is the prey.”  The former was to be a reminder that God would preserve a remnant of these people and restore them to their land.  They were facing war from Israel and Syria and needed God’s constant reminder of this preservation God would perform as part of His promises to them.  The latter son’s name was to inform Israel that an enemy was coming who would come swiftly and perform God’s judgment on them due to their evil ways (like forsaking Him).

It was not a good time for Israel as a whole.  God’s wrath was coming upon them.

In the midst of these births and namings of Isaiah’s children to serve as signs, God pronounced a huge sign to come for them (since their king Ahaz refused to take God up on His generous sign offer).  God gave them the sign of a child to be born and his name would be Immanuel.  That means, “God with us.”  This was the ultimate sure sign in a name and a person of God’s goodness toward His covenant people.

Well, while waiting at Deorio’s the same night as the “Friday? Home!” girl I was introduced to a young fellow who was also probably four.  When asked his name, he said, “Coconut!”

His name served as a descriptive sign of a character trait of his…obviously, he is a bit hard-headed;  thus his nickname of “Coconut”.  I did not see this trait exhibited nor do I believe he truly grasps the reason for his name. One day he will understand and he may either laugh or be a bit resentful.

For a time when I was a baby, my parents dubbed me “Butterball”.  I am not pleased with that, although I can chuckle about it.  I like fat babies as much as the next, but I still think of myself in that light often.  It’s probably at the bottom of my issues hamper that I have based my self-worth on these many years.  The fashion industry only serves to frustrate that belief as well.  No comments about this part, okay?  I’m only using that name as an example to illustrate my post today.  I’m okay with who I am and how God made me…today.  : )

The name that my parents gave me at birth delights me:  Amy.  It means “beloved”.  When I see that word in Scriptures, I take it personally.  I am His beloved child.

I don’t know what “Coconut’s” real name is, but I hope he recognizes God one day for Who He is.  Hopefully, he’ll move past his nickname and grow into a man who is stubborn for God and not against Him.

What does your name say about you?  What would God call you as a descriptive term of how He sees you?

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