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PreviewPinterest has played a helpful part in our rightsizing adventure.

Because we had eight weeks from the initial visit by the buyers of our house to the day of closing, we had to get a move on the move. It was only six weeks from the time we accepted their offer to the date of closing and the evening we accepted that offer began the whirlwind of events that led us to last Friday’s move into a new place for us.

Wow! I just got surprised all over again! No wonder I was a tad tired during that time.

Through the blessing of technology and Pinterest’s secret boards, the evening the offer came, I was able to set up a place there to put pictures of the houses we were interested in seeing the next day after the offer was made. With each picture secured online at a real estate site, I put the address and the asking price.

The next day we went house hunting and looked at the ten that made the list. Not all did we go in as some became clear as soon as we pulled up to the curb, they weren’t our cup of tea due to location or exterior condition. The one where a vulture landed on the pinnacle of the roof might have been charming but the vulture did it in for me. I’m not joking.

Ironically, the first one we pulled up online and pinned to the board is the one we are sipping coffee in this morning. Our college son (on certain weekends) and all our worldly goods now dwell here with us. A home in eight weeks. Whoa.

After we knew this was the house for us and our offer was accepted, I went back to my Pinterest board and renamed it with the address of our new house. I then went back to the real estate sites that had it listed and pinned the pictures of the interior. That proved to be an extremely helpful thing to do as I would forget something about the house and pull it up on my Pinterest board. Acting fast on this part was a good thing since the local real estate office that had the listing removed the house from its site as soon as the contract was pending.

Further, Pinterest helped me as I would question how to take care of the bathroom floors or how to store needed things in smaller space. When I’d come across an article online, I’d pin it to my house’s secret board. Even pinning things about downsizing in general has proved to be helpful. Ideas for decorating this home are pinned there.

You get the point. Pinterest was and still is invaluable to me as I nest in this particular place. (I know you want to see this secret board, but because it has pictures from the house when it was someone else’s, out of respect for her, I’m not making it public, but if you want to see my other boards, click the logo for Pinterest at the top right of this page.)31daysmoving

My soul could be at peace knowing I had ideas stored somewhere that could be located conveniently to peruse these past eight weeks and the best part of all? I didn’t have to pack any of it in a box! Talk about space saving! Talk about convenient!

How does my spirit respond? In praise, of course!  God, You know all about planning. I think about Your plans for the tabernacle in the wilderness for Your people and how specific You were in every detail and in having a purpose for everything there. I know our home is not at all like Your tabernacle, but I get how important the plans and details can be when it comes to packing up and moving on to a new and different place. So as we continue to settle in to our new place, may You find it to be a welcome place for You to minister to us after weary days and even in the blessing of morning routines before busy days begin. Thank You for giving somebody the idea to set up a place online to be helpful to us in our choosing of this house and in our preparation for moving and making it home. What a great idea You gave someone!


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  1. Great ideas, thoughts, suggestions and ways to praise God in all situations of our lives! Thanks for your gift of giving and inspiration to us all. Even if it’s just the little things in life! My God bless your family in your new home.

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