Packing for Trips

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If you read yesterday’s post, then rejoice with me that I had a wonderful night’s sleep! Praise God! If you didn’t read it, rejoice anyway.

Robert is going camping with some friends tonight. Who is this child? He’s going to give it a try. I think the last time he camped Rob and David were with him and they were of the ground in tents at the Boy Scout Camp not far from home. The car wasn’t far away from their tent should they need to come home. This time, however, he’s been getting his gear together and trying to keep it light enough with all his necessities that he won’t mind toting it all in to the site. Pray for him and his buddies. Pray for his mother to not worry. : )

He sent me a picture of what he looked like with the pack on his back and I thought of what a hard time I would have with this for numerous reasons:

1. How would I get my makeup in the bag and what would I sacrifice to get it there? And then all the creams and potions to remove said makeup? Warm water quickly?

2. Are there any really pretty hiking boots? Do they exist?

3. Toilet paper…how many rolls?

4. Jingle bells to scare the bears away?

5. Where would I put all my books?

You might think that an odd question, but I have a picture of the study after I dumped my favorite travel items into the room. No joke, everything that is on the floor, I took to Highlands thinking I might need for references, motivation, organization in my spare time. LOL! Look…

That’s two totes filled with Bible study material, a portable file with various files in various stages of completion (home organization, Precept luncheon publicity stuff, things to read, recipes, catalogs), a Longaberger basket with prayer materials and devotionals, Bible study roster on the floor to put in the part 2 notebook, the part 1 notebook leaning against the basket, and on the desk are two calendars. One for 2008 where I’m transferring birthdays to the 2009 along with appointments from the large number of appointment cards that have been tucked away for next year.

Hi, my name is Amy and I’m an organizing, office supply, book junky. Help me.

You’ll be glad to know that everything has been unpacked and put back in its right spot.

I have the best of intentions when I pack for a car trip but I have a really hard time taking only what I will truly need.

So, I envy Robert’s trip this weekend in one respect alone. He’ll have to figure out what is truly necessary and be content with it for a couple of days. If it were me, I have a feeling I would have to call the nearest pack mule association and ask if I could borrow a beast of burden to tote my totes, baskets, and files into the campsite so I could work on stuff.

I think there’s a whole other post and biblical message in this. Stay tuned.


  1. I think I’ve got everything I’ll need. Even stuffed my stretchy sheet into the sleeping bag so I could coccoon. You’ll be glad to know that, instead of packing my Bible (for fear of water damage), I’ve packed my nightly Chuck Spurgeon. Should provide some insight into Scripture? I doubt I’ll have much time to read anything anyway.

  2. Tell Robert that we found a sportsman’s waterproof Bible at Lifeway in NASB. The pages are plasticky so they don’t get ruined by the water. Just in case for another time.

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