Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme

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I can tell that summer is almost here. I am growing antsy for the routine to wind down. Halfway through the summer I will be antsy for the routine to kick in. To celebrate the coming of summer I sent my honey to Lowe’s for herbs over the weekend! He came home with some pretty plants and I planted them yesterday in the weeded bed that had started to sprout more weeds.

A couple of weeks ago I got a bit too happy with the pruning shears and pretty much killed my huge rosemary bush. It was starting to take over the bed and was sure to need its own zipcode before long. I mentioned cutting every bit of green off my rosemary bush to my mom. She informed me I had probably killed it by not leaving any green. Lesson learned.

So, during commercials while watching a movie yesterday afternoon, I managed to plant parsley, sage, rosemary, lavendar, basil, oregano, and cilantro. I also planted some mint but that herb gets a pot of its own. It can grow and take over everything otherwise. I already had plenty of thyme (not enough of the other time), lemon balm, chives, and bay leaves.

And so, this post, as yesterday’s, reminds me once more of a time for everything under the heavens. I have planted.

It reminds me, too, of things in my life that God is pruning. He’s a master at it and won’t leave me lifeless as I did my poor rosemary shrub. Pruning may not leave beauty in the process, but it produces rich fruit in God’s timing.

Proper pruning gets rid of the dead wood, the unproductive branches. What in my life is dead wood and unproductive that needs pruning? Is He trying to prune it away and am I not willing to let it go?

Here’s a list of some things that may need pruning in our lives:

  • time wasted
  • good things or activities that are not His best for us
  • habitual sin
  • wrong relationships
  • unforgiveness
  • non-repentance
  • refusing to go where He is calling
  • jealousy or competitiveness
  • being inhospitable toward others
  • being unloving
  • add your own…

Now, what about weeds? These are things that can come in and choke the life out of the deliberate and fruitful plants. What in your life is about to choke the life out of what God is calling you to do? Is it distraction, busyness, selfishness, prayerlessness, or knowledge of God without the heart to apply it? Any others of which you are thinking? I bet so. Sadly, that list I just mentioned had been on the tip of my mind for my own life all day long yesterday. I think it’s about time I weeded the garden of my soul in order to get rid of the thorns and thistles.

What about you?

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