Q is for Quiet

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PreviewThings are winding down from the move and I am enjoying this house’s places of quiet and I’m learning to appreciate some of the quirks of an older home. My study was my quiet place before and I am assuming the study which is a pass through here will also afford me opportunities for quiet as I write. It was the last area to come together even though it was the first area into which we moved boxes upon boxes of books.

It took me all week to arrange my whittled down collection, then whittle down my files into decorative ways of having them handy without being so office like. It took that long because I avoided doing the deed. I dreaded doing the deed! The drawers of my Queen Anne style desk (two shallow drawers) also had to be emptied, assessed for what to keep, then rearranged in order to make them more functional.

It took quiet to get that done. Just so you know, it takes quiet for me to create, decorate, and cook. I’m a quiet person at heart.

Yesterday afternoon, when I had finally made the desk less crowded on top and in the drawers, I sat still in the quiet room and looked out the windows into the back patio area and knew this is going to be a good and quiet place for me to study, write, and plan.

In this quiet now, I’m learning how to live here. In this quiet, I’m thinking about our grandson Quentin who will bless us with his presence in a few months with visits here. I’m thinking about making quiche for breakfast. I’m thinking I better quit writing this post…

Much of this past week, my soul has been in a quandary with swirling questions of where to put this or that and where to hang those things. What about fabric for the bed skirt and draperies? What about making those that can open and close on traverse rods? Where do I buy those rods? What about reheating food without a microwave? What size and brand of microwave should we get? Why doesn’t Target have that Panasonic small one I researched? What about the printer? Where will it go? It ruins the look of my quiet place. And on they go…so many questions draining me of my energy, that last night I went to bed at 9:30. I just awoke a few minutes ago before31daysmoving typing this.

That leads me to this other “Q” that has affected my spirit. My quiet times just aren’t cutting it because the busyness kept them at bay and the questions swirl and disturb, so I’m looking forward to making those quiet times feel at home here. I must.

So, I pray this morning…God, You are El Qanna. You are jealous for me and my affection and attention for and to You. Although I know you share our joy in this house because it is Your gift to us, I also know my affections have been divided between the busy stuff of moving and settling in to life on the hill. It’s time I get my priorities back in the right order. When the questions invade my quiet time, I pray I won’t give into the pull to resolve the problems right then, but rather continue to be quiet, focusing on prayer and meditating on Your word.


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