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Update: If you look over to the left of the page there is now a link you can click on to subscribe to the blog! Give it a try.

Even though I have been blogging over a year, I am still learning things about the land of blogging. For example, a 10-minute video will not download at all while connected to the slow USB port of an 8-year-old PC. (Honey, I would like a new laptop for Christmas, birthday, Ground Hog Day, Mother’s Day, and Anniversary but to receive it way before the latter).

This lesson I learned after recording five video segments on Monday before dissolving in tears at 10 pm because the video still had not downloaded after three hours! (Apple Macbook, please.) After reminding myself to keep it simple, I was able to reduce the time down to a couple of minutes which uploads faster, still slow, but faster than the other attempts.

A friend sent me an email yesterday wondering how those who don’t subscribe to the blog through Facebook could receive the blog updates via email. Her question caused me to realize that even though I don’t know as much about blogging as others, I may know enough to be of some help to you as you navigate through this one. (FlipHD camera, too. HD, very important).

Here are a few tips to make your time here successful. (Apple Port for wirelessly connecting).

Want to subscribe so the posts or at least a link to the updated post is sent to your email inbox? Follow these directions.
Look to the left of the page near the Bible verse and you’ll see a place there to subscribe.  There should be no need to do as I wrote earlier below.  Sorry that it took me awhile to realize I had access to that gadget and had not used it.  

Make sure you are on the actual blog site. If you got here from a link with a specific date on it (you’ d know because you only see one post on the page), then you need to go to the actual blog site at You can click there AFTER you read this part. Once you see more than one post on the page, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see these words, “Subscribe to Posts (Atom).” Click there and follow the prompts to set it up to notify you when the blog updates. Just so you know, you can probably unsubscribe that way, too, or via an email link, I assume. But, hey, why would you do that? : )

DO NOT go to the end of a post and accidentally subscribe to the comments thinking you are subscribing to the blog. All that will do is send you information when a new comment has been posted. That’s not the same thing as subscribing to the posts. What I write is a “Post” and what others leave as remarks are considered “comments”. Are we clear on that? Whew! (Cute Vera Bradley laptop sleeve would be nice).

What if I want to leave a comment? Instructions for doing that are on the left of the blog page. You’ll see it.

Why didn’t my comment post? Because I have them sent to me first to prevent some wacky hacker from posting something offensive without my permission, not that I would give them my permission. Once I receive your comment and make sure it’s up to snuff, I post it. It could take til the next day before you see it on there. To read comments, you go to the end of the post and click on the part that says, “x number comments”.

What is a blog? Well, “blog” is the short name for web log, which means an online journal or log. They serve a variety of purposes. I use mine to share Bible study stuff and life.

Who is a blogger? One who posts entries on a blog. (One of those really flat wallets like Marty’s in fuschia would be pretty in my purse. It will match my purse calendar).

Have more questions? Shoot them to me via the comments and I’ll try to answer them.

Thanks for stopping in. (Cute dangly earrings would be nice.)

Well, I gotta go work (on my Christmas list).

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  1. You crack me up! Of course you need all those things to do your job!!! That is the line I always use when I need something new for the house 🙂

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