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“Besides this you know the time, that the hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed.” – Romans 13:11 ESV

Today’s post is probably the most difficult to write because it is the most challenging thing that God revealed to me in my quiet time the day He showed me these messages. It was by far the one thing that has impacted me the most.

L = Limit computer time. For some of you that may not mean a thing. However, limiting phone time, tv time, mp3/iPod/radio, or reading time just might bring you to bouts of sighing over the loss of said electronic crutch. Giving up an addiction to a favorite hobby or sport activity might be similar to my need to give up wasted time on the computer. Note that I’m saying giving up the addiction to the time-waster and not necessarily the thing itself, unless God is directing you otherwise.

This verse I chose to tie in to today’s topic is one that can be applied to much in our country and Church today. We are sleeping (staying blind, busy, ignorant by choice, naive) regarding much that God wants us to pay attention to, like preaching the Gospel, ministering to others, obeying His Word, etc. If you haven’t noticed, God is busy orchestrating things and events around us that we never thought we’d see come to pass in order for Him to hasten the return of His Son to earth. Yet, our minds are asleep to His working around us. We’ve lost our minds, so to speak.

My response to His hastening of the Day? Mindless time in front of the computer. Ouch.

Through a series of events, I realized my morning routine had become computer time. I was all about checking email, Facebook, and blogging. I had tossed time with God first in the day to whenever. I would see the problem one day and vow to not do it the next, but return to the habit anyway.

When I left for the mountains I mourned the fact that I had no computer and no internet access even if I did. So, beforehand I made sure to update my blog and Facebook accounts so I could post to both from my cell phone, should the need arise. What kind of need could that have been? How ridiculous.

I got paid back for it. You see, I had managed to set my phone to connect to Facebook so I could receive feedback on status updates. I began receiving those comment updates at 1:00 and 2:00 in the MORNING. From my quiet rest, I had managed to disturb myself! In one evening I received 4 updates in the middle of the night.

As soon as I could the next time the library was open, I corrected my error and changed the settings so I wouldn’t receive updates at all hours. The computer there was on a 30-minute timer and I got the necessary things done and left in the assigned amount of time. I passed the test. It showed me how much time I wasted lounging around in front of the computer this summer and also explained my rather stiff shoulders from time to time.

Facebook is fun and a great way to stay connected. It’s even useful for ministry. But, it’s also a great gossip starter, jealousy instigator, and supreme time waster taking all the silly tests and playing the games too often for too long. I know all this firsthand because I’ve been guilty of all the above.

So, I challenge you to examine where your time goes when you are on the computer. If you are at work are you stealing time from your employer by lingering on the computer or cell phone connected to the internet but believe that to spend the same amount of time on the phone making personal calls from work is taboo? What’s the difference? What about home? Where are you wasting your time? Where do you need to evaluate better use of the resource of time that God has allotted you?

In other words, has all the time spent elsewhere on good things (and some bad, too) caused you to lose sight of God’s eternal work going on around you that He is drawing you to be engaged in for Him? Have you grown apathetic and complacent with godly things because the world’s pull is stronger for you? It’s so subtle. Wake up!

I needed to make some serious changes by setting boundaries with myself regarding my time on the computer. It has not been easy. I still struggle but I am making improvements byte by byte. Get it? : ) Any of you addicted to this blog? Don’t worry, He has not pulled the plug on that. But, should He, I pray I would drop it out of obedience to His request rather than pout over my inability to write on my computer any more. I just have to remember to post the blog and get off the computer. Facebook will do just fine without my constant checking in and I will have back some of the time I have lost.

Now, for review:
S – Solo time with God,
I – Implore others to help you,
M – Make meals manageable,
P – Pamper yourself occasionally,
L – Limit computer time.

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  1. Ouch! God has been leading me in this same direction. My husband has been doing some complaining about my computer time, as well. Thank you for your honesty in communicating a problem that many of us have, which has the potential of taking “God time” away from our days.

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