Strawberry Shimmer Shawl

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Strawberry ShimmerAmidst the peace of managing our home’s heart and hearth, sometimes I write. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I crochet.

And sometimes, I knit.

On a recent trip to Williamsburg, Virginia I stopped into a local yarn shop (LYS) in that area and bought a hank of the loveliest hand-painted Rayon metallic yarn that caught my eye and fingers from the get go.

The yarn was soft, lightweight and cool to the touch. Here in our hot and humid climate, that’s a lovely thing to have in a yarn you may intend wearing outside in the warm to hotter months entering inside the frigid conditioned air (hopefully). The price of the yarn was extravagant, but to find a less expensive yarn with the same shimmer of gold amidst coral hues bathed in strawberry vibrancy was not going to be possible in the bigger chain stores.

Insert sigh here as my soul yearns for a LYS of my own right here in my very own town.

When I saw the yarn in its glory my mind traveled to memories of dramatic fuchsia pink and coral sunsets that cause one’s jaw to drop at its majesty. I could NOT leave the store without the yarn. It was my souvenir from a wonderful getaway trip. And now I’m sharing the souvenir with you as a finished product.

Two weeks ago, I was able to wind the hank into a ball of yarn ready for knitting into something elegant with a soft drape.

It was a wrap (literally and figuratively) by Sunday, and yesterday I listed it in my Etsy shop YarnAmiAmour.

Take a look, read the description, see the pictures, imagine you in the lovely goodness of cool yarn gracing your skin in the heat of summer. Then, buy this bit of luxury for yourself and enjoy wearing it for a long time.

Wear it well!

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