Summer Time is Knocking at the Door

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In the last post I said something toward the end concerning my own summer plans and the fact they are a subject for another day. This is the day.

Last August I came up with a thought for summer Bible study with the idea that I would implement this summer. Halfway into the fall I was not quite “feeling it” any more. After Christmas I mentioned it to Rob and to a friend. Rob was not thinking I should commit to doing a thing and my friend said the same thing. Of course, I prayed about it as well, and had this odd relief at the prospect of nothing on my plate. So, I put my plans away and continued through the winter and spring firming in my mind that I would not lead a summer study. A break would be good for me. Freedom to come and go through this summer was sounding nice.

Changing the subject, but not really, I like a wide variety of music. Steve Tyrell is one of my favorite romance-style singers. Rob gave me his latest cd not too long ago after I saw Steve on Bonnie Hunt’s show (which I like, btw).

Sometimes when I make a plan I start to regret it; even plans to not be over-extended. Sick, isn’t it? One morning I was battling this very thing and as I was driving to Bible study I was listening to Steve sing, “You’d be so nice to come home to…” It hit me. It was like this secular love song was a song from Jesus in that moment as I was toying with picking up a study to lead for the summer (bad Amy, bad Amy). The words continued…”You’d be so nice by a fire. You’d be so nice, you’d be paradise…”

I had this visual image of Jesus sitting in my living room sitting in the chair by the fireplace watching me come and go in and out of that room and the house as I was flitting here, there, and everywhere, except that room and time alone with Him. It was like He was watching a tennis match and I was the bright yellow tennis ball going back and forth, never being still. It was like those words to that love song were words straight from His heart as I was driving the car that morning. Jesus is just waiting for me to come and spend time at His feet like Mary (of Martha and Mary) and I have been Martha scurrying around, even preparing for Bible study but not spending some quality time with Him alone with no agenda. He has much to teach me. I have much to learn and absorb from Him. I just need to be still. I desire to be refreshed.

I think about the fact that even Jesus took time to be alone with His Father and I was neglecting that very thing more often than not.

That same afternoon, I had taken the dogs out into the backyard and looked up at the sky and then onto the back porch where the rocking chairs are. A song popped into my head. This time there was no music playing through a stereo…just me, and I heard “Summertime and the living is easy.”

Between the soundtrack of my life that day I had taken the opportunity to speak with a couple of ladies after Bible study. Both encouraged me to take the summer off and just be still. I had shared with them that on the Sunday prior to this a lady at church had asked me what I was going to teach this summer. I looked at her and sincerely said that I wasn’t teaching anything because Jesus said He missed me and wanted me to get in His boat for the summer and be refueled but mostly to just spend some time with Him. She was sweet in her response, but I think she probably has the impression I am a strange person.

So, what am I doing this summer? I am not leading a Bible study nor participate in a group study. I am going to spend more time in fellowship with God and Jesus as I pray and do some unstructured studying of my own. And I have such a peace about it and such an excitement.

Do you know what has been “funny”? Ever since I said that statement to the sweet lady at church, I have been asked to lead or take part in nine different things. Had I not made up my mind early enough my summer could be potentially more busy than the rest of the year. I have turned down even things I had planned but realized I needed to back away from for the summer, good things, spiritual things. They are just not God’s best things for me right now. His best thing is the one thing; the simplest thing and that is time at His feet.

I still plan to blog and keep you posted on what I’m learning from time in the boat with Jesus and I would enjoy hearing from you as to what your plans are and what you’re learning as you progress through the summer.

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