The Cherry Pitter – Why You Need One

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TherCherry pittere are some things in my kitchen I wouldn’t know were missing or misplaced because I may not use them frequently. However, this contraption would be sorely missed at this time of year especially should I open my drawer to find it gone!  Horrors!  That would be a Goodness Gracious! moment for sure.

Did you know that cherries are in the grocery store and that you should enjoy them? Did you know that you should enjoy them because they can help you sleep better, fight off cancer, prevent aging, fight off pain of arthritis and gout, and help cure migraines? Sure, drink the healthy concentrate from the juice but I say, enjoy the fruit, too!

Ah, but there’s one thing that may hold you back from buying them.  Dare I say it.  It’s the pits.  Yes, the pits are keeping you from enjoying the healthy components of the delicious and juicy merlot-colored spheres.

Here’s the kitchen utensil that will save you and cause you to run to the grocery today to grab some antioxidant cherry power, after you purchase the utensil of course.

Enter, the cherry pitter.  No kitchen should be without one.

Here’s mine happily posing by some before cherries in a colander and the after ones ready to be tossed in a spinach and almond salad with a light summery vinaigrette (recipe later this week…what a tease!).

Still not sure you need to invest?  Worried of the juice splatter staining your white shirt or kitchen counter?  Well, have I got a tip for you! When you are ready to pit away, grab a plastic grocery bag, place the stemmed cherry below the black upper piece that’s right below the tube that pits the thing, put your hand with the pitter in the plastic bag and press down on the pitter.  Pit and any extraneous juice are captured in the bag and not sprinkled on you. Tah and Dah!

Where to get your pitter?  Mine is an OXO brand that I found at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Pay day is a couple of days away, treat yourself ($13 plus tax, minus a few pennies if you have their coupon) to a useful gadget that won’t make your life in the kitchen the pits.

That’s some gracious good news for your health and your kitchen.

Life doesn’t have to be all about the pits, you know!


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  1. Loved the message of this post, so powerful. Have a blessed and beautiful day friend!!

    Ashley from


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