The Father’s LoVe

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Good morning!  Here I am in my robe with a fresh cup of steaming coffee, no make-up, and some serious curly bedhead going on.  Curly bedhead is not my favorite look because where curls should be in a few spots, the effects of sleeping on my head makes the curls straighten out.  So, I’m quite a picture.

But, with all my morning glamour, I awake today aware that mine is a face and physique that my Father loves.

I’ve been writing so much on talking you into participating in a group Bible study, that I fear you may have forgotten that God loves you.

Why do I fear that?

Because I often forget that.

Yesterday was such a blessing that I can barely type to you this morning.  By Friday, I hope to have the link to the video that Columbus Regional Foundation made for the Breast Cancer Awareness luncheon this year.  I was the featured survivor and Anita Renfroe was the featured speaker.  It was great to laugh in the midst of a serious topic.

Yesterday was special because God brought to fruition some truths He had used to console me during months of treatments.  Here are those things:

  • He is faithful and I can trust Him
  • He will glorify Himself by healing me
  • He will pour out His blessings in visible abundance to others besides me through this
  • and…
He loves me

                     He loves me
                                                    He loves me!

I’ve decided today, just this morning, that every time I come across that word love in my Bible from now on (as it pertains to God’s love for me), I am going to stop and put a red heart over it because I have a tendency to suffer from being a God-pleaser and a His-love-forgetter.

A what?  But Amy, what is wrong with that?  You’re supposed to obey Him!

Well, I’ll tell you that by being that way in my relationship towards Him, I often get so caught up in getting life right and obeying and being good and not being good and oh my He must be so disappointed in me, that I miss a key point in our relationship regarding His unchanging love for me.

I will be the first to remind YOU, however, that He loves YOU, while at the same time questioning if that is true for me based on how I lived my life the day before.  Goodness gracious!

So, yes, obeying Him is a sign of my love for Him.  But, if I get so caught up in the WORK of obeying Him that I am not doing it out of knowing He loved me first, then I get all messed up.

I become one who works her way to Him for His love.  I forget that He loves me and my obedience is a reflecting fruit of His love in my life.

Does this resonate with you?

So, by making the red hearts pop out in my face in the Word, I hope to find reminders of His love for me throughout and I know I will.  Then, once I see the reminders of His love, maybe I won’t be so uptight to get life right at the expense of remembering His love for me.

He loves you, too, you know.

Opportunity for Response:
Will you take the love marking challenge, too?  Let me know.  Hug yourself.  


  1. In our performance-oriented world, I can barely grasp that kind of unconditional love. It’s incredibly humbling because I can DO nothing to deserve it, increase it, or lose it. The “love” marking challenge sounds good!

  2. Sister,

  3. Yes I accept the love marking challenge and hugging myself, too….katherine

  4. Katherine! Yea! Off to Staples for a special pen?

  5. Love this! I might make my hearts hot pink 🙂

  6. ^ I like the idea of hot pink hearts! I may have to put a colorful blend of red and pink ones throughout the Word. : )

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