The Proverbs Wife: Wise With the Money, Honey!

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You may have been wondering when I was going to let loose and share some of my weaknesses.  Today’s the day.  Pull up a chair, turn off the phone, and corral the distractions ’cause have I got something to share with you!

But first, my email just made a sound letting me know I have a new email.  Let me check…

Guess what!  I just got an advertisement from BB&B highlighting some of their kitchen products I might like for the first 30 minutes of my day.  Sigh.  Guess what else!  I just unsubscribed from receiving any more emails from them and they wanted to know my reason.  I checked, “Other,” and typed in this, “I don’t need to shop.”

The sky did not fall in when I sent that “unsubscription” (not a word, btw) description off into cyberspace.

Here’s the big confession.  This girl likes stuff.  I’m this girl.  

I like stuff:  shoes, purses, totes, pedicures, books, cookbooks, cool Bible software, office supplies, make-up, skin-care products, bling, kitchen accroutements, matching appliances, pretty bedding, fluffy towels, better cleaning products, good toilet tissue, colorful meals, music, great restaurants, a clean car, quality furnishings, china, flatware, stemware, pretty table linens, cute pajamas, good walking shoes, most stuff at Target, and so on.

Of all the things Rob and I have discussed in our marriage, how we spend (I spend) money has been a frequent topic of conversation.  Sometimes, our conversations have ended in tears.  Mine.  Rob’s having to discipline me with a request for me to be more careful in spending has caused him to feel like a heel.  I put him in that position by being careless.

It has come to my attention more-so since his job change last January, that I have got to be a much more careful, conscientious, and wise steward of the money.

So, we have decided to do one thing radical and another not so radical.

First, for the radical, we are selling our house.  Why?  We don’t need this square footage, even with the possibility of grandchildren one day.  Truthfully, we probably never did “need” it but we have enjoyed it immensely and especially as our boys got older.  This was our grown-up house, the house we thought we would die in and our children would clean out after we left everything behind.

But, we have grown up a whole lot more than we realized we were going to in the past year and a half.  These situations (my cancer, his job loss, his job find, boys’ graduating high school and one from college, one son’s entry into college, other son leaving home for good due to the blessing of marriage, laying out from ministry, church changes, and financial changes, plus a few more things), God has allowed to teach us some things we needed to change.  I needed to learn.

These stressors actually are blessers in the long run.

Second, for the not-so-radical, we are back to newlywed days of living within a budget.  I realize that many of you reading this are floored, perhaps disgusted, that there are people who don’t live within a budget.  Money comes in, we spend, and wait for more money to come in.  How wonderful!  Not.  Eventually, living like this can catch up with those who live this way.

It hasn’t caught up with us, but it could if we don’t evaluate our spending.  And so, we are back to the newlywed financial days…daze.  Rob gets paid.  I get an allowance that I budget for food, household supplies, and whatever else.  Rob gives me the freedom to set and keep the budget for what he has given me.  I think it has been a huge burden lifted from his shoulders for us to go back to doing this.  (I’m sorry I have been part of that burden, Honey.  Are you reading this today?)

But, it’s all good.  That’s the way we should live as God’s children.  He desires people to be wise stewards of what He provides.

So, now when I look at this Proverbs 31 passage about the wife of excellent worth, I see from this side of all those recent changes in our life and I see some things I need to get right and get right with a noble attitude, which God is empowering me to have.  Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have ever shared this with you.

I’ll be back Monday to share the specifics of the noble wife’s financial stewardship.  Feel free to find those verses by clicking here.

It is never too late to learn a new thing.  As long as we have breath, we can make amends with our Savior, our past, and with others in order to live as wise women.

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