The Proverbs Woman: Steward of Her Time

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Proverbs 31:27 – “She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.” (ESV)

I conjure up all kinds of things in my mind as to the Proverbs wife’s day planner.  I imagine it’s full, neatly written in ink, and her daily to-do list is completed before she falls asleep.  Wait.  Does she sleep?  When does she have time?!  Well, she has the same amount of time everyday that you and I have.  She gets things done, even sleep,  because she guards her time.  Oh, okay.  That’s easy.  Bye!

Don’t you wish it were that easy?

Maybe it is easier than we think, though.

Let’s look at what she accomplishes with her time.

She spends time being productive for the betterment of her family and house.

  • Verse 15 – She rises early (before sunup) to prepare for her family (and her servants in that culture).  Because she plans ahead and rises early to begin her day and assist her family as their day begins, her day is more productive.  That makes sense.  On those days when I overslept, we were all off to a groggy and nauseating start (literally) and couldn’t seem to catch a breath the rest of the day.  Maybe we should examine our nighttime routines in order to have a smoother morning routine. 
  • Verse 18 – She stays up late.  We see in her a woman who is diligent to get her work done for the day before calling it quits.  I believe she knows her limits.  I believe she knows her need of sound rest in order to be productive.  I don’t believe she is staying up all night long.  In both of these verses we see a woman who is looking after the well-being of her home morning and night.
  • Timeless truth – Let us take care of our families at all times of the day and night.  It takes planning ahead and being a wise manager of the household.

She spends the right time on the right food.

  • Verse 14 – She prepares meals that provide sustenance for her family.  She’s willing to get the best that her budget can afford.  That takes time to plan, shop, compare, and prepare.
  • Timeless truth – Knowing and practicing good nutrition is a good thing for ourselves and those we love.   Again, planning ahead and being resourceful helps this to go well.  Educate yourself if necessary.

She spends time taking care of herself in order to care for others.

  • Verse 17 – She is about her responsibilities with vigor (being wise in the marketplace, making/saving money, and caring for her family with food and clothing and all that entails).  She takes care of her physical health and strength so she can continue to minister to her family and others.
  • Verse 20 – She takes time to notice those in need and provides for them with what she has available to help them.
  • Timeless truth – Get your exercise for good physical and mental health.  It benefits everybody under your roof for you to feel good.

She spends time on keeping up her talents.

  • Verse 24 – She hones her skills that could be financially profitable to her family.
  • Timeless truth – Keep up your talents that could prove to be helpful down the road.  Watch the spending, though, if it’s becoming a hindrance in that area. 

She spends time in an honorable way.

  • Verse 26 – She is not wasting words and time with gossip, chit-chat, and mindless nothings.  She speaks wisely and with kindness.
  • Timeless truth – Watch how much time you waste on mindless chatter in whatever form it may take (texting, email, facebook, twitter, phonecalls) if it’s keeping you from being a help around your house.  The same thing goes for the tv viewing.  Cut back if it’s hindering your progress at home. 
In all things, consider that verse at the top of the page and ask yourself, “Is this seeing well to the ways of my house or am I lazy?  If I’m lazy, why?  What can I do or what do I need to cut out in order to be a better family manager?”

See that picture up there today?  Don’t wait until you get around to it (that thing you know you need to do) because you probably won’t (do tit).  So, just do that thing that you need to do.  Get it?  A round Tuit?

Gosh, this went longer than I expected!  And I feel like the delivery was not quite what I was hoping.  So, let me end with some encouragement, which may be much needed today, you precious things!

You may be feeling as if you just don’t measure up today.  Stop it.  You are learning to be the woman caring for her home whether it’s big or small or a room in your parents’ house, with a husband or without, with children or without, maintaining a career or school or not.  And it can get overwhelming on lots of days! 

Every woman reading this has had a bad day at home…that sometimes lingered into a bad month or more.  It may be time to get out of a bad slump of bad habits around your domain.

So, right now, figure out what the hardest, most challenging part of managing your home is and turn that over to God.  Go ahead.  Do it right now.  Ask Him to help you improve in that area, to show you ways to make it work.  It might be hard, but you can do it.  I know you can!  (I’ve been there.)

Maybe you are the epitome of this Proverbs time manager around the house and you have grown into a momster (mom-monster) that is a downer to your family when they don’t keep things pristine and you have just gotten zapped by the Spirit while reading this just this second!  (I’ve been there, too.)  Perhaps you need to ask God to remove this idol from your life.  Your perfect home, perfect skills, perfect decor, and perfect management are all just getting the best of you and coming between you and your family because your home is a showplace of pride.  Let it go.  Ask God to help you find a balance where home is a happy place for everybody there.

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