The Weekend Flew By

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I have begun the new chemo combo.  I have learned it is not the same as the other 12 I’ve had.  My doctor said it would be different and more aggressive than the others I’ve had since March.  He knew of what he spoke.  I doubted, or perhaps, hoped, he would be wrong.  Friday, I ventured back to my doctor for a serious Neulasta shot to keep my bone marrow cranked up and running.  By Saturday morning, I knew my marrow had plummeted and fatigue had set in.

Anyway, the first dose has come and gone and I slept through most of the weekend.  I would awaken for the occasional meal and medicine to curb the effects.  The meds worked, the meals were not desired, but necessary.

After awaking Saturday morning at 7, I decided that I was ready for a small snooze at 10:30.  Imagine my surprise when Rob woke me up at what I thought was a little while later only to find out that it was already 4:45 PM!  I slept through lunch!  I slept through daytime life!  I slept through thunderstorms and before that, the boys swimming and splashing about!  ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I may be about to sleep through this post!  Not really.

Today is a better day and I can tell the bone marrow shot is working due to the fact that I even care to sit in front of the computer screen.

Small blessings.  I’m learning to appreciate them all over again.

Hugs to you all!


  1. Amy, sleep, rest, heal, knowing that prayer warriors are at work on earth reaching up to the God Who heals, loves, and controls. He hears and is watching over you and your precious family. Grace and Peace! Lou Anne

  2. A BIG HUGE LOVING HUG back to you..I am praying you will have many of those “Sweet Jesus” moments where you can just feel His love,comfort,and peace all around you and the only thing your lips can say is, “Sweet Jesus”.

    Love you,

  3. Thank you Lou Anne and Frannie!

  4. Hi Amy,
    I just caught up on all your words of wisdom. I have been thinking about you and knowing that our God is healing you.

    I like the Afer Cancer file. It is liberating to have a starting point in life with a new mindset and a renewed faith in our Father that is indescribable. He is in control, thank goodness, it takes all the pressure off, doesn’t it?

    Just know that He has rest for you coming. Not the chemo induced zombie rest…but the peaceful and completely rejuvenating type of rest that only our Father can provide.

    I am praying for the days to pass as easily as possible, and for your true rest to come quickly. I love you! I continue to pray for our Father to provide you hourly with all your needs.

    Laurie Aiken

  5. Amy,
    You have poured so much into the lives of others-I am so grateful to you for the Bible Studies that you led tht so nourished my soul. May you feel embraced by the love, hugs and prayers of all us that appreicate you so much. Thinking of you and holding you close to my heart in prayer.
    Lisa Fugh

  6. Amy,I have been out of town for two weeks but the prayers have continued! I am sorry that the meds have wiped out your WBCs but am thankful for the good rest you have gotten.
    Please pray for Burch’s brother, Hayden. We found out 2 weeks ago that he has melanoma. He had his surgery last Friday and we are praying that the nodes they removed are clear! Thank you for your prayers. Remember, you are loved by soooo many…BUT if you need anything, please call on me.
    Blessings to you and yours,

  7. Laurie, I know you know of what you “speak” in the comments. : ) Thank you for that encouragement. Aaaah.

    Lisa, girl, I have missed you and am delighted to know you and your family are back in town. Thank you for your kind and sweet words about Bible study.

    Ellen, I am praying for Burch’s brother. Thank you for sharing that. I hope others reading this will join in praying for his healing.

  8. Thank you Amy and all others who will pray for the two Hayden’s in my life…one being Burch’s brother, Hayden, and the other being our daughter, Hayden, who is 29 weeks pregnant with our first grandbaby and has had to restrict her activities. Thank you for the prayers.
    Amy, I pray today brings you strength and healing rest !

  9. Amy,
    I am praying for you daily! I am so thankful for the treatment but also thankful for all of the drugs to help ease the side effects! Just hang in there! Feel His sweet love while you rest!

    Love you!

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