There is Life After a Wedding

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Just when you thought I had given up on writing, here I am! (I say this to Peggy especially).

Our son Robert and his fiancee Sigourney married May 21!  It was such a sweet day and I have never been happier for two people other than Rob and me when we got married.  One of these days, I hope to post a picture from their wedding, but until they see photos from their photographer, I dare not put one from their wedding.  I wouldn’t want to spoil their thunder you know.  So, today’s photo is of the setup at their rehearsal dinner.

Days leading up to a wedding are a progression of activities that crescendo the big day.  There are fun showers and all the details filled with errands galore that culminate into the biggest party of them all – the wedding and reception.  Such was the case with Robert and Sigourney.

In talking with them after they arrived to their own home after their honeymoon, their memories of the wedding day are much like those of many of us who have been married.  It’s all a blur.  It can be difficult to remember who was there because the couple’s attention is all over the place.  What seemed like an eternity before the big day is a sprinkling of moments once the vows are said, the first dance is danced, the cake is cut, and the grand exit for the honeymoon is made.

Then life as a married couple begins.

Life as parents of married children begins, too.

Life for me has been blessedly busy.  I thought I had good energy a year ago as I progressed through chemo.  But, based on my calendar and to-do list this year and my stamina to participate in and help with lots of stuff, I realize just how little energy I had then and I am thankful for God’s timing in revealing the cancer and in healing me so I could be a happy participator in all of life right now.

In taking some time to reflect on precious moments and also to satisfy my need to write, I’m thinking that over the next weeks, I’ll be writing things that a new bride might like to read.  So, bear with me as I dedicate a few posts in the days to come to my daughter-in-law Sigourney as a means to encourage her and leave a legacy from one seasoned bride to one in the making.

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  1. So glad you are posting again. I have miss it.

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