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The TruthIt’s rather humorous to me today…God’s timing and a word to write about for five minutes. His tying in seasons, passions, prayer, places…follow along, if you dare.

I just returned home from doing an interview at a local non-profit Christian radio station. 88.5 The Truth.

The interview is about an upcoming luncheon (December 5) that local Bible study leaders plan every year now for almost 30 years. Kay Arthur is the keynote speaker every year and this year we have Babbie Mason gracing us with her music. The Wednesday evening (December 4) prior to this event on Thursday, December 5, we have a leaders’ gathering for all those who have led a Precept study or who have interest in leading.

I got involved in this ministry 24 years ago when I heard another radio station leading into an upcoming program with this, “Do you want to know how to discover truth for yourself? Do you struggle with knowing how to study the Bible and understanding what you read?” Uh, yes, and yes.

I was driving my then infant around in the car and pulled over into the Steak and Ale parking lot, grabbed a scrap of paper and took notes for the duration of the 30 minutes that the program was on. Having never heard of this ministry nor its founders, I was taken by the fact that the lead in for the program was those questions I had prayed to God to help me with…I truly wanted to know how to study the Bible for myself.

Shortly thereafter, I went to a local frozen yogurt shop (I was pregnant with our second baby and my craving for Columbus Honey Almond frozen yogurt was tremendous!) and saw an ad for a local Bible study using this ministry’s materials…2 Peter was the study.

I signed up.

I attended.

I met women who were engaged in the Bible, in encouraging one another, in loving the Trinity, in learning the Truth of God from His Word.

I fell in love with God all over again as I began to study the Bible inductively, looking at it word by word, line by line, precept by precept. Application became easier. Understanding became more clear.

The Truth of God’s Word as I studied inductively changed my life as a young wife and mom. It revived my spirit and it renewed my commitment with God through the power of the Gospel of Jesus  the Messiah. God did all that. Not the ministry, not my attempts, but my faithfulness to sit with my Bible open, engaged in the words on the page, asking the Holy Spirit to be my resident tutor and illumine the Words to change my life.

His Truth prepared me for a long season of a blessed and smooth life and it prepared me even more to know God is faithful as we entered our tough 2010. One crisis after another hit us.

God carried us.

Interestingly enough, the place of this radio station from this morning’s interview was, in 2010, the place of a local prayer ministry. My husband and I gathered with old and new friends that Spring of 2010 so I could be prayed over…the awesome prayer that anoints with oil, that lays on hands, that quotes the Truth from the Bible as prayers are prayed in prayer language and in clear English.

My return to that very place today was a sweet balm as I got to thank one of the men (my morning’s interviewer) who prayed for me and he got to see what God has done to heal me in so many ways…that healing still continues.

Oh, I bless Him today and shout out a glory hallelujah to His faithfulness and covenant-keeping love towards me, especially during that year.

His Truth never fails.

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  1. Love hearing the trace of God at work in your life – little and big, he’s always so precise!

    • Absolutely! Thanks for checking in today!

  2. An absolutely beautiful post that brought back memories of my time of studying with wonderful women in Brantford, Ontario Canada inductively. I miss that and while I am no longer in a location where i can study this way in a face to face group you have given me the incentive to see what I can find online. thanks so much


    • Hi Heather, let me encourage you to get involved in a study. If Precept floats your boat, they do have some online. Pam Gillaspie, who has written the Sweeter than Chocolate studies also has online inductive studies from time to time. You can find her on Facebook, too.

      • Thank you so much for the suggestions. I do need to get back into the word on a more indepth basis and consistent basis. I will check out both suggestions.

        Have a great day

  3. Love hearing your story. Thanks for sharing it today. Smiling as I listen to my own Christian radio – imaging us sharing songs.

    • I love good solid Christian music! It soothes this savage soul. Praying your mending is going well. Hoping your weekend affords you good rest and improvement.

  4. Love what you wrote! Sorry I missed you, too. I didn’t get there til 11, and Brian didn’t tell me he was interviewing your or I’d have come earlier! Yes, sweet memory praying for you, but even sweeter is your healing! I love your hair! I keep forgetting that you are a brunette! Can I type any more exclamation marks? (!)

  5. Lovely. Yes, God does change our life through His Word. I’ve seen it in my life too. Truly, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. No effort, no struggle, no trying to muster it up….faith just comes…when we hear His Word. Yay

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