Twenty-four Years draft

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 I have loved him a long time.

Rob and I celebrate 24 years of marriage today. 

I cannot imagine life without him.

How he can put up with me at times is beyond me.  God shows me often what unconditional love, grace, mercy, and acceptance look like by my husband’s unwavering commitment to me in all the aforementioned attributes he exhibits and more.

I read Ephesians 5 over the weekend.  In the first 21 verses Paul gives instructions for holy living.  There is much on purity of life, self-sacrificial love, guarding your tongue from crude and foolish talk, guarding your time, avoiding drunkenness, then submission to one another in the body of Christ and submission specifically in marriage.  “Submission is submitting to others according to the authority and order established by God,” so it is interpreted by biblical scholars in the ESV Study Bible.

I have learned much about this in 24 years.  Some days I fall the way of Eve who desired to be in authority over Adam (hence, we women all battle this).  I may be making someone miffed with this.  I’m not a feminist.  I don’t want to be one.  I think God’s plan for women and men was spectacular as He prescribed, ordained, mandated, commanded, spoke, designed, created…God’s way is right.  The world’s way?  Not right.  Don’t call me old-fashioned because my basis of belief is God’s Word.  God’s Word is never in or out of style.  It’s always right.

I pray that the days of my trying to be lord over my husband are fewer and fewer as the years go by.  I like to think they are.  Life’s much easier and our marriage more enriched when I submit to God’s plan for me in marriage.  Days when I try to control, lead, and manipulate him to get my way are exhausting ones.  Then, I have to apologize, which is just not easy to do.  It can totally destroy the joy in the home when neither of us is following God’s plan for marriage.

He has a responsibility as well.  His is to love me.  His example?  Christ and His love for His bride, the Church.

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