Voices – Chapter 3 – You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

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Mary Kassian authors this chapter.  You may know something of her study on taming the tongue.  I’ve recommended it here before.  It’s called Conversation Peace.

In this chapter she begins part two of the book, The Battle for True Womanhood.  I’m excited to read her writing.  I hope you are as well.

The premise of this chapter is to educate us in the whole feminist movement/philosophy from its inception in France and then in America.  It takes the reader decade by decade, thought by thought, and is sobering.  When I sat in a Women’s Studies class in the mid 80’s in a Southern college, I had no idea it was the result of the efforts of small groups of feminist bandwagon women called “Consciousness Raising” groups modeled after Mao Tse-tung’s groups.  Honestly, I don’t remember much about the class, I was too excited to be preparing for a wedding and the subsequent marriage to my high school sweet heart.  Ha!  I took the class because I needed another elective and it seemed like it would be an easy “A”.  I was not disappointed.

Even then, I knew enough about the feminist philosophy to know I was created for more than their hopes of tearing down the Judeo-Christian meaning of womanhood that God had invented, named, and planned long before any woman was ever created.  Hey Eve!

But, my flimsy knowledge in this whole “mystique” has been broadened to expose the “mistake” it became and the results on our society.

At the end of the chapter is the reminder that it’s not about trying to be June Cleaver for true satisfaction, nor is it about working hard, having sex any way you want it, and slamming men to gain identity as women.  It IS about putting our identity where it has belonged all along – in Christ.

I hope you’ll read the chapter no matter where you stand on the whole “movement”.  Pardon me if I insulted some of you, but I make no apologies for what the Bible lays out and I appreciate Mrs. Kassian’s way of writing all of this to not point fingers at any of us, but to educate us as to why our world is like it is based on a huge movement that began very small…like they all do.

Read it, because it’s time to be fully educated from the biblical perspective on feminism.


  1. Amy – this is just another area where the Christian’s worldview is so very different from the secular worldview. We are learning much more about this from Focus on the Family’s ” The Truth Project”.
    Love to you and will be so happy for you when tomorrow’s last treatment is complete!!
    Love you, Molly

  2. Boy, was I glad to get the last page of this chapter when she finally brought some hope back into the picture! As I was reading, I was reminded that God knew all of this was going to happen. And, just like Joseph being sold into slavery, He will redeem it! Also, the movement started small – one or two women and their published thoughts. Then they became focused and strategic and it grew into culture-changing size as it infiltrated every facet of society. The same can happen for a God-focused group of True Women! Perhaps it has begun.

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