Voices – Chapter 4 – For Such a Time as This

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I have finished reading Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s second writing in this book, chapter 4.  The timing of my just having completed this chapter is no accident.  By the way, Thursday (today) is my final chemo day.  Shed tears of JoY with me!

We dropped off our youngest to college last Saturday, the 14th.  It went so fast, both the time leading up to his departure from our home (all his life) as well as the actual move-in (three hours).  I have been left to wonder and perhaps ponder a bit too much what my new purpose is in life since my youngest reason for being a stay-at-home mom has flown out of the nest.  My prayer life, perhaps?  Is that the newer revitalized purpose for my calling as a mom?  Already, I have sensed a great need to be in my prayer closet for him in his freshman year because of all the wonderful and horrible things to which he’ll be exposed while out from under our roof.  It can grieve a mother’s soul if not properly directed.  Bebo Norman’s “Where You Are” is playing in the background as my iPod has shuffled itself to play this song at just this moment.  Wow, God’s timing amazes me.  This song is Bebo’s tribute to his mom.  Sniff, sniff, sob.

As I was writing earlier, I have completed Nancy’s chapter on the Bible’s book of Esther.

In this chapter, Nancy reminds us there are two kingdoms at work:  the kingdom of this world and then the greater kingdom of God.  She quotes John Piper at one point and I must go on and share it with you here.  He says, “In every situation and circumstance of your life, God is always doing a thousand different things that you cannot see and you do not know.”  If I could remember that, then maybe so many times I would shy away from trying to manage a situation, whine, nag, and moan.

In Esther’s life, she got a good reminder from her cousin when Mordecai exhorted her that she had been placed in that physical location and point of history “for such a time as this.”

If we are to be true women for God, then we have to realize there are things we see (which can frustrate and anger us or cause us to be prideful or happy about) and there are those things going on regarding the same situations which we cannot see (God is bigger and has a bigger plan than we can fathom even in the same situation).

In this chapter, Nancy goes through the life of Queen Esther and takes each portion and applies it to us as women today.  Then, she concludes with six points to be taken to heart by true women in handling each crisis that comes along (worldwide crises and even the more personal, close-to-home kind).

Again, I found her Scriptural insight to be refreshing and her writing style to be convicting and filled with encouragement to the reader.

As always, you can click on today’s post title at the top and read the post for the same chapter at the True Woman blog.

Thanks for stopping by.  Five more chapters to go.  I hope you are enjoying the posts.  Get the book.  It’s a lot better than my posts.  (Smile.)


  1. oh Amy I am so glad your chemo is over today! This time for you has been a tough journey but for this time I know you will be blessed…I know your witness at the cancer treatment center has been amazing to those you do not know…God has used you. Your blogs are wonderful and I will be getting the book. Look forward to your book one that will continue to be a blessing to others journeying through cancer. You are a wonderful writer and God has a plan for you to continue…I just know. Love you and praying you through this last treatment day. Blessings, Pamela

  2. Amen !!! Amen !!! Amen!!! Pamela! said it all!!!

    Now lets’ pass the hat for the collection!!! LOL

    The Lord Jesus Christ is so good to all of us and I can not praise HIM enough for all that HE is doing for us!!! Wish I knew different word to praise HIM as these sound so old…

    Congratulations Amy!!! You make our Father’s Word come to light as others see you going through a storm with your Faith covering you!!!

    God Bless !!!

  3. Thanks guys! Today is a joyous day even knowing the next five will be un-fun, at least I know they are the last five un-fun days I’ll have due to chemo. Praise Him!

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