Voices – Chapter 9 – A Call to the Counter-Revolution

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The concluding chapter of Voices is written by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  After examining the revolution that started some years ago, the book reaches the point where it challenges the reader to take a step to follow the counter-revolution.  This battle for true womanhood has come to a point where being idle must end.  Many Christian women are not experiencing true freedom and fullness.  Nancy challenges us no matter the stage or season in which we find ourselves to take a stand, like Esther, for such a time as this.  I particularly like her take of what true womanhood looks like to teens, single women, married, mothers, and older women.

Nancy looks briefly at the life story of Amy Carmichael (a personal favorite of mine) as being an example of true womanhood in the times in which she lived and ministered to others.

She then goes on to explain what “nailing the colors to the mast” means in light of the True Woman Manifesto.

At the conclusion of the chapter is a copy of it.  You can also see it online here and if you so choose, you can sign it.  I signed it a while back. 

This concludes the blog following of the Voices of the True Woman Movement.  I hope you will go to the True Woman blog for today’s additional reading on this chapter.  More than that, I hope this book has left an impact on you that will be for the better.

Thanks for following along.

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