W is for Welcome

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PreviewYesterday evening we sat in the den visiting with our real estate agent friend who had come by to bring us a housewarming gift. As I sat there and saw how the sun was playing through the magnolia’s leaves and gently streaming in the room, I felt like I was home.

I felt welcome.

It’s been a busy past couple of days as I’ve sewn window treatments and a bed skirt in between errands and Bible study. So, to sit still with husband, son home from college, and a friend for a few minutes at that time of day was a gracious gift of God’s goodness.

Prior to the sewing, it was a busy time of securing the right fabric and before that was the unpacking, placing, and putting away of things after our move two weeks ago today. Wow! A lot has happened in a short period of time. Is it any wonder my body and soul are whipped at the day’s end?

This feeling of welcome in our own place is good, at last.

As our friend was walking around she exclaimed how amazed she was at how we got it all together so quickly. I told her that Rob and I make a good team and we’ve worked nonstop it seems to get it ready. By no means, is it all done. There’s always something to be done, right?

It’s extremely important to us to be able to LIVE in our house, thus making it home.Part of living at home is having the privilege of enjoying a little down time there…like at the end of the day when family gathers to share stories of the day and the sun smiles as its rays filter throug31daysmovingh the window.

That is the reason we made up our minds to get the work done sooner rather than later. We were ready to pull up into the driveway and be at peace in our walls. Disarray, clutter, and lack of organization make for a rather unwelcome feeling for us at home.

Fortunately, I have had time to work at it during the day. Fortunately as well, my husband doesn’t mind my honey-do list for him daily.

Here we are, wiping our feet at the door and we say as we enter, “I’m home!”, to whomever may already be there first.

It’s nice.


Sometimes a simple prayer is the perfect wow factor for a wow kind of God. Here goes: God bless our home. Amen.


  1. Amy, we are getting dangerously close to the letter “Z”! I think you need to extend another 31 days and just start at “A” again. I have really enjoyed your daily posts. So what do you think??? 😀

    • 1. I think you’re sweet!
      2. I’m nervous about what my word choices will be for Z…especially since when I began this, on a whim I added two more words each day as I wrote the A post. Eeek!
      3. You’ve been an encouraging commenter…I think you deserve a personal tour! I’ll arrange!
      4. Since I’ll have more days than letters, I have some things up my sleeve for the remaining posts. Yea!

  2. I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves! 🙂 Z is for zealous, because that’s what you are. I don’t know anyone who has put together a move better than you. I’m taking notes for when it is my time to pack up and move. Can’t wait to see your beautiful house and meet “Beans”! <3

    • You know, Dagmar, that is actually a great word! Hmmm…I will give you credit if that’s the one I choose. I’m glad you think we had this thing together, but too bad I didn’t put a behind the scenes post in here because we had our bad moments that made us look the opposite of together. Yikes!

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