Waiting on Snow…

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As I type this, it’s Sunday night.  A fire is in the fireplace and home has never felt better.  Our dog Beans is chewing on her “toothbrush”,  a rawhide stick.  Rob is nearby taking care of some things from his to-do list.

According to the meteorologists, we should be expecting snow, sleet, and ice this evening.  So, we wait, but not as frenzied as we may have been under the same circumstances in the past.  You know…running to Publix to grab gallons of water, a large Jif peanut butter, a loaf of bread, firewood, and ingredients for Paula Deen’s taco/chili soup.  This time, we have firewood and I’ve decided to go wild regarding the meals and use whatever is on hand should we not be able to maneuver the roads tomorrow.  I kind of relish the thought of foraging through the pantry and fridge for the makings of a surprise food fest.

After all, it’s Southwest Georgia.  A threat of a flurry shuts us down 24 hours ahead of time with all our survival skills in use in order to not go hungry for a day.  I’m thankful for a gas stove, furnace, and water heater.  Laundry is done.  The cell phone is charged.  A good day of hibernation sounds wonderful.

Beans has finished brushing her teeth and is circling on her cushion in front of the fire.  Aaaaah, she’s content to drift off, her nose pressed against the warm firescreen.  All is well.

All is truly well here at home.  Hear my contented sigh and picture a smile.

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