What Every Child Needs

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Hey.  I’m taking a break from the decorating the nest posts to a nesting post about the little ones that dwell within the nest.  Today’s purpose is to recap the lives of children and what they really need these days to help them grow up. 

The reason for my writing this is as a thank you to my own two birdies.  I dedicate today’s post to Robert and David, and the One who made them.

Good Ledge/Branch = The Foundation

Like any home, if the foundation is not solid, those who build it are laboring in vain.  Psalm 127:1 says, “Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain.”  So, it goes back further than the physical structure of a tangible house.  It goes back to the spiritual necessity of a home and family.  God needs to be at the center of it.  God created the family.  He needs to be the foundation of it.  His clear words need to be honored and obeyed.  His standard is to be the standard marker.

Application questions:  is God the center of our home?  Is He the center of my own life?  Do I toy with Him and make light of the One Who made heaven and earth?  How is the Word of God handled in my home?

Soft Feathers, Firm Twigs, Maybe Some Dirt = The Structure

With a solid foundation (God) in place, then protective walls are needed.  This place is a haven from the world.  Soft feathers (the parents sacrificial offering of themselves) provide the nurturing comfort of a safe place to land from a harsh world.  Firm twigs (the material things that are necessary for a home) are the solid support, and structure to hold the feathers in place.  A little mud (the glue of showers of blessing and tough times weathered together) that helps hold it together offers the stability to a nest that might otherwise blow off the ledge or branch.  It’s the place where those of similar beliefs and blood can regroup at the end of the day.  Spiritual nourishment is dispensed as well as physical sustenance.  It’s the safe place.  Again, the foundation, remember, is God and God alone.  The parents, male and female, are responsible for completing their God-ordained duties for bringing spiritual, physical, and emotional structure to the nest.  They have specific things to impart to the dwellers within.

Application questions:  have I been a responsible parent who has desired to please God and impart His ways to my children?  Is our home a haven or a stressful place?  

Good In Means Good Out = Regurgitation

While the birds are dwelling in the nest, they need to be fed things that will be productive for their overall well-being.  If the parent birds consume visual/audio trash then what they see/hear will eventually have a huge impact on what the babies are drawn to as well.  As baby birds are fed the regurgitated food of the parent, what we consume as parents will be passed along to our own as well.  Granted, we may not spit it out in the mouths of our young, but I assure you whatever we consume in our minds will affect our beliefs and eventually trickle down to our children and shape their belief system.  How can it not?  Obviously, we see this with the literal food on which we raise our children.  Well, it’s no different in what they consume other than food, too.  Consider Psalm 101:2b-3a that says, “I will walk in my house with blameless heart.  I will set before my eyes no vile thing.” 

Application questions:  what are my children regurgitating?  What is my responsibility in this?  Do I need to repent before God and my children? 

While watching David graduate from high school last night, I had time to think about how thankful I am for the blessing of the two in our nest.  Awards for Christian citizenship and character are not bestowed at this school we have now flown from.  It doesn’t matter anyway.  Ultimately, they and the rest of us will give an account before the God who made us in His image.

My prayer is that the nesting example they learned here, although flawed and mishandled at times, ignorantly and not, will afford them the example to carry on things of God they learned here and more things of Him they will learn apart from this nest.

I could have talked about other things too, like safety, protection, discipline, boundaries, freedom, and love.  Those are all important, too.  If you had the opportunity to write something about these aspects of the nest, what would you say that would line up with the Word?  Leave a comment!  Thanks!


  1. Thank you for your thoughts on what every child needs. I was having some of the same thoughts and I actually told Caroline yesterday at lunch that the academics were very important to us, but much more so is her love of God and witness for God. Ultimately, this will be what she will be officially judged upon by her heavenly Father! I am so proud of Caroline and David and hopefully the example they present to others for Christ!

  2. Amy, I too am so thankful for my boys. Somehow through my errors of parenting, the seed was planted. They are walking with Jesus today and are planting seeds to their children. All parents need to read your words of wisdom. Thanks for being a willing vessel to share your thoughts. My prayers are with you today an everyday.


  3. As I was reading this blog, my mind was saying, “Why didn’t Amy write this 30+ years ago?” (: Then, the Lord reminded me of the three granddaughters who frequent my home. So, maybe your words aren’t solely for those who are rearing children, but also those who are blessed to have grandchildren in their lives and homes.

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