What to Do With Your Old Bible Study Notes

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Hill lifeI am attached to my Bible study notebooks and notes from corresponding speakers and dvds. However, in this purging of closets,  shelves, and cabinets I have realized that I have too much paper and not enough patience or strength to haul it to the next house. Have you been living under a rock? Yes, the Wards are moving and we are about to become the “folks who live on the hill” in less than a month so I’m getting much fodder for the blogging brainstorms.

Less than a month?!!!?!!!?

{……………I’ve fainted at the thought…}

My dilemma yesterday was this: What am I to do with all this paper?

{Hello recycling! Come soon so I don’t empty out the recycling bins and reclaim all that paper.}

I managed to take those file drawers and condense them into three magazine boxes for my must keep studies (Covenant, Ruth, and Hebrews made the cut). Of course, Revelation is right there since that’s what I’m studying this fall.

{My biggest fear at this point is that I will toss something important, like next week’s lesson for Bible study.

Note to self., check it before you toss it.}

I feel so much better already. It’s not like I will ever just peruse all those old studies in my spare time, right? When I stored them, though, that’s exactly what I was thinking. So why did I save those that made the cut? Because they were profound to my understanding basic things regarding God’s covenant with His people, the fact that I cannot lose my salvation since I am truly saved, and that one day my Redeemer is coming back to restore to me and those who love Him all that rightfully belongs to us!

To toss is divine! Such is life with the folks on the hill, bravely tossing where they’ve never been able to before.

What about you? What helps you to let go of your paper stuff (or anything else) and free yourself of it? What are the paper things that would never see the inside of the recycling bin? Share! Collecting comments is great and I don’t have to toss them!





  1. We all like our “stuff”. You are being smart to throw now!! I need to take a lesson from you and start the process! Better me to do it than one of my children!!! Patsy start throwing today!!!

    • Speaking as a child…I would appreciate it if you’d get rid of it. : ) It’s not easy, but you’ll save somebody some toil. Happy tossing!

  2. Oh Amy, I know exactly what you are going through! I am a collector by nature and to get rid of anything is very hard for me. And of course it never fails that as soon as I donate it or throw it out…I need whatever I just got rid off! UGH!

    • That is the concern for me, too. If I toss, will I miss or need it back? Maybe I’ll come borrow yours! ; )

  3. You have inspired me. I just spent the last hour cleaning out my old Bible Study lessons with a few exceptions of some that were very special to me. Thanks for being a great teacher/leader.

    • Hey Frannie,
      Way to go! It’s not easy tossing stuff, but I’m glad you are finding some time, energy, and inclination to do that thing.

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