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copyright Amy Ward 2014

copyright Amy Ward 2014

Yesterday’s post was about why I knit. Today’s is about my picking up crocheting a year ago.

For all the same reasons as wanting to learn to knit, such are the ones for learning to crochet with one additional reason.

It seems that crocheting goes faster, especially when it concerns a hat.

While waiting at two appointments on Monday, I completed a simple hat out of bulky yarn that reminded me of the color of straw, but is way more comfortable for a scalp that has lost hair due to chemotherapy. I just need to add a flower to finish it.

It was convenient to tote along and once the increases were done, I didn’t have to look at the pattern again. Single crochet stitch is the only stitch required for this one.

I didn’t stress about the wait, and I got something done while I waited.

My sister Louann taught me how to crochet last summer at our annual Sister Retreat, and I have enjoyed it ever since.

Other projects I’ve completed since then are a plethora of hats for cancer patients, some baby blankets, sachet pouches, coasters, and flowers for embellishing the gray baby hat below.

For pictures of most of my completed projects (knitted and crocheted) join Ravelry and you can see them all. My Ravelry link is in the sidebar.

You ready to crochet yet? Craftsy has classes for that, too. Click on the link below. (I’m an affiliate for Craftsy, so if you purchase from them through my blog, I get a little compensation and I’m required to let you know that.)

copyright Amy Ward 2014

copyright Amy Ward 2014

copyright Amy Ward 2014

copyright Amy Ward 2014

copyright Amy Ward 2014

copyright Amy Ward 2014

copyright Amy Ward 2014

copyright Amy Ward 2014

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  1. I love to crochet too Amy! My mother taught me years ago and when Christine was little I figured out how to add crocheted lace to her socks. Now that she is having a baby girl I have crocheted about 10 pair of socks for the baby and lace around a blanket I made from cute angel fabric and crocheted little daisies like yours for headbands…Now mine is done with the thread not yarn but I can do yarn too…made a baby afgan once and many granny squares…

    • How sweet to pass along what you learned from your mom to making things for your daughter, and now a granddaughter! Congratulations!

  2. Luann is a wonderful teacher, as you are.

    • Thanks! My sister is fabulous and patient when it comes to assisting me with my knitting and crocheting. I’m very fortunate. So far, I’ve taught my daughter-in-love to crochet, but that’s the extent of my teaching that skill.

      • Our mother helped me learn to crochet when I was in elementary school, although she does not know how to do so herself! I had to learn to do something from a book and that’s what we did: illustrations for the stitches and slowly reading and interpreting the patterns. I still have the little booklet we used. And, Mama Smith had the same booklet (earlier edition) which I also have.

        • I’m amazed that you were able to reason through the written directions to decipher the how to of crocheting. You were good at word problems in math, too! I’m thankful for you and YouTube showing me so I wasn’t left to myself interpreting.

  3. “Gracious Goodness” has been included in our Arlynda Lea’s Sites to See #6. We hope this helps to call more attention to your efforts.


    • Thanks for the referral on your blog. I appreciate it.

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