Y is for Yellow

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PreviewOur last house had a sunny yellow family room that was a cheery spot for gathering together. Rob and I would have our quiet times there in the mornings and conclude our days there watching, most often, something from BBC (Foyle’s War or Midsomer Murders).

Our den here is a more relaxing earth tone of khaki-green and our bedroom is sunny yellow that awakens us to a warm glow of cheer and thoughts of praise.

I was a tad worried about the yellow for a bedroom. I had heard that a soothing green is more conducive to sleep. I never understood that, though.  Do you? Think about it, if your eyes are closed, how does the yellow keep you awake? How does green keep you asleep?

Ironically, I’m sleeping way better in my yellow bedroom than I did in the green. But, maybe that’s because the stress leading up to moving is over. Perhaps, too, the cooler temperatures of fall have taken over summer’s humid heat, thus making sleep more enjoyable for this girl.

Now that the black and ivory toille bed skirt and draperies are finished, next to the yellow walls they are a soothing and classic combo that I’m really liking. It is yummy to me!

What about your home? What makes you happy about living there? Which room in your house inspires you to spend time with Father God? Leave a comment sharing your answers.

While reading Psalms 95-96 this morning, I realized that a big yahoo is pleasing to God when it’s about Him and His abundant goodness and grace. So, I leave you with that thought this morning. Remember God yearns for time with you. Enjoy some time with Him today.31daysmoving






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